an introduction to the scc l.
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An Introduction to the SCC

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An Introduction to the SCC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to the SCC. Scarsdale Community Center “Building the Future Today”. Our Objective. A New Scarsdale Institution Programs for All Ages Housed in a New Facility Build on Successes of Library and Outdoor Pool = Enrich Life in the Community. Agenda.

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An Introduction to the SCC

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an introduction to the scc

An Introduction to the SCC

Scarsdale Community Center

“Building the Future Today”

our objective
Our Objective

A New Scarsdale Institution

  • Programs for All Ages
  • Housed in a New Facility
  • Build on Successes of Library and Outdoor Pool

= Enrich Life in the Community


Site Selection

Facility Design




recommended site bushin property
Outdoor pool adjacency:

5th and 6th pool to ease overcrowding

More swim instruction & other summer programs

Co-location enables resource-sharing, savings

Scored high on all 7 site-selection criteria

Space not earmarked for a playing field

Large enough for a 20,000 sq. ft. footprint

Access to outdoor pool parking (under-utilized Fall through Spring)

Recommended Site: Bushin Property
space allocation
Space Allocation

Footprint = 20,000 Sq. Ft.

Total Area = 29,800 Sq. Ft.

multi purpose community area
Multi-Purpose Community Area
  • Space for 6 simultaneously scheduled classes (opens up for larger space for concerts, large meetings)
  • Raised platform to serve as “stage” (for public assemblies, parties and dances)
  • Soundproofed aerobics room with shock-proofed floor
aquatic area
Aquatic Area
  • Main Pool - 8 lanes, 25 yards long, 4 to 8 feet deep
  • Deep-water diving “L” - off the deep end of the pool (20 x 30 feet, 12 ft. deep)
  • Shallow, warm-water pool - 20 x 40 feet
  • Indoor-outdoor technology so pools can open to outdoor pool in summer
fitness equipment area
Fitness Equipment Area
  • Treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and other aerobic equipment
  • Nautilus stations and other weight-training machines
common shared facilities
Common Shared Facilities
  • Locker rooms
  • Offices and administrative space
  • Small kitchen
  • Vending machines
  • Child-care room
  • Rest rooms
research findings
Research Findings
  • Basis
    • Study of 55 recreational facilities located around the U.S.
      • Detailed telephone calls
      • On-site visits
      • Review of informational materials
research findings17
Research Findings
  • Most successful facilities offer pools that meet needs of different user groups at the same time
  • (Seniors, disabled, and preschool children prefer shallow, warm pools)
  • There is a substantial market in swim classes for preschool and school-aged children
  • Pools in school buildings tend to be more school-oriented and less community-oriented
  • Recently built pools adopt a community center model, offering a variety of “wet and dry” activities appealing to a broad array of users
potential programs and activities
Aerobic,Exercise,Dance, Yoga

Birthday Parties

Meetings & Classes

Drama & Fine Arts

Kitchen for Parties &Cooking Classes

H.S Plus



All Ages

All Ages

Potential Programs and Activities

Multi-Purpose Space:

potential programs and activities21
Potential Programs and Activities

Diving “L”; Deep Water:

potential programs and activities22
Potential Programs and Activities

Fitness Equipment Center:

  • Management of the more successful community centers were characterized by their
      • - devotion to programming
      • - community-oriented nature
      • - entrepreneurial spirit
  • Complex programming opportunities have best been exploited by
      • - entrepreneurial persons
      • - incentivized as in the private sector
  • Form a non-profit community organization to manage the SCC
    • - Management would be pursuant to an agreement with and subject to limitations imposed by the Village.
    • - The model for the management is the Scarsdale Library
  • Thomas Group concluded that the facility cost estimate should be increased 7.5% from $7.9 M to $8.5 M
  • Village staff report: acceptable risk is $360,000 per year
projection modifications
Projection Modifications
  • Changes from the original projections
      • 14% increase in membership rates
      • 7.5% increase in projected construction costs
      • 25% discount in membership rate for seniors
  • The result is
      • projections with lower risk
      • projections reflect Village staff and consultant comments
operating revenue 1 365 000
Operating Revenue = $1,365,000

Membership = $854,000

Program Income = $391,000

Add’l Income = $120,000

first year cash flow
First Year Cash Flow

Operating Revenue $1,365,000

Operating Expense 720,000

Interest Income (32,000)

Interest Expense 218,000

Net Cash Flow $459,000

reserve cushion
Reserve Cushion
  • Reserve balance grows from $459,000 after year one to $1.6 million after fifth year of operation
  • Result - a significant cushion protects against the need for taxpayer support
sensitivity of reserve cushion to projection shortfall
Sensitivity of Reserve Cushion to Projection Shortfall
  • Assume:
    • Only 75% of the projected membership is achieved
    • Only 50% of the projected income from aquatic and other programs is realized
    • No attempt is made to curtail expenses
  • Average annual "at risk" position for this scenario = $170,000 thru year five
further risk mitigation
Further Risk Mitigation
  • The Subscription Program: the Committee seeks 1,200 members to commit to membership for three years and to prepay the third year.
  • 1,200 members will result in committed income of $1.9 million with $640,000 cash collected.
further risk mitigation34
Further Risk Mitigation

If this level of commitment can be achieved, we believe community support for the proposed SCC will be demonstrated and the risk of any taxpayer support ever being necessary will be negligible.


Membership Campaign


Give a Gift To Your Community

Become a Founding Member of the Scarsdale Community Center and help make it a reality in 2004!!

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