dod s target control system developing a corporate strategy
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DoD’s Target Control System “Developing a Corporate Strategy”

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DoD’s Target Control System “Developing a Corporate Strategy” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DoD’s Target Control System “Developing a Corporate Strategy”. Dennis Mischel Target Management Initiative Program Manager Director, Operational Test & Evaluation. Overview. Why a Corporate Strategy Open Architecture Notional Road Ahead. Defense Science Board “Observations”.

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dod s target control system developing a corporate strategy

DoD’s Target Control System“Developing a Corporate Strategy”

Dennis Mischel

Target Management Initiative Program Manager

Director, Operational Test & Evaluation

  • Why a Corporate Strategy
  • Open Architecture
  • Notional Road Ahead
defense science board observations
Defense Science Board“Observations”
  • Interoperability is limited, and the flexibility to use each other’s test range resources is absent.
  • One can envision the gradual introduction of common control elements that would eventually provide us with the ability to “shoot any target on any range.”
  • This approach will yield operations cost savings over time, since today’s one-of-a-kind systems will become increasingly difficult to service, maintain, and upgrade.
  • Target interoperability will also facilitate better joint testing and training.
  • Past attempts at common control have failed.
  • The Task Force believes another attempt is worthwhile if service “buy-in” can be achieved
why a corporate strategy now
Why a corporate strategy now!

FY08 Proposed TMI Target Control projects

  • Air Force - Incorporating Army UHF Targets into the AF TCS
  • Army - Integration of Air Force BQM-167 into Army Test Ranges
  • Army - High Compression UHF Data Link
  • Army - MSTCS L-Band Transponder for Sub-Scale Targets
  • Army - Navy BQM-74 GRDCS Frequency Integration
  • Army - Object Oriented Navigation, Guidance and Control (NGC) Software
  • Navy – Proprietary Info
  • Navy - Cooperative Adaptive Control of Target Systems

They all have merit but do not lead us to a corporate solution

today s situation
Today’s Situation
  • Army
    • DFCS: Capable but may be replaced
    • TTCS: Capable, limited, Army owns data rights
    • WSTCS: Derivative of MSTCS
  • Air Force
    • GRDCS: System of Systems Approach, Unique, Old
  • Navy
    • ITCS: Only one site operational
    • SNTC: Serves training and maybe testing……May upgrade to FAS or a new architecture.
  • OSD
    • NGTCS: Terminated
    • MSTCS: Early success’s
    • SRTG Control System: Open architecture approach for mobile ground targets
current target control issues
Current Target Control Issues

System specific issues

  • Frequency Authorization Differences
  • Bandwidth
  • Hardware & Software Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Oversight perspective
  • Duplication of efforts
  • Lack of data rights
  • Lack of interoperability amongst targets and ranges.
  • Limits test and training
  • AST will be required to fly on tri-service ranges
current target control related tmi projects
Current Target Control Related TMI Projects
  • Message Format Study –
    • Army lead thru 5D Systems, Inc.
  • Common Interface Demonstration
    • Navy lead thru MSI
target control system open architecture
A multi-faceted strategy providing a framework for developing a joint interoperable control system architecture that adapt and exploit open-system design principles and architectures

Modular design with full design disclosure

Identify key interfaces with open standards

Reuseable software application

Life cycle affordability

Encourage collaboration and competition.

Certify conformance

Target Control System Open Architecture
= interfaces

= key interface

= uses open standards

=subsystem component

Notional System Block Architecture


Key Interface

Open Key Interface

Closed Interface

road ahead notional roadmap
Road Ahead(Notional Roadmap)
  • Identify a common target control architecture
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Identify key interfaces
  • Identify associated standards
  • Identify interim “wrappers”
  • Develop software modules
    • Experiments, test and evaluation
  • Establish Conformance and Maintenance

Fund in FY08 projects that comply with architecture