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Final Exam Jeopardy

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Final Exam Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy. Final Jeopardy – 4 th Part of the World. What was the name of the map used in 4 th Part of the World ?. Waldseemuller world map. Pre-Columbian America 100. Name 4 of the tribes in Central and South America.

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final jeopardy 4 th part of the world
Final Jeopardy – 4th Part of the World
  • What was the name of the map used in 4th Part of the World?

Waldseemuller world map

pre columbian america 100
Pre-Columbian America 100
  • Name 4 of the tribes in Central and South America

Incan, Mayan, Toltec, Moche, Aztec, Tiwanaku, Wari


pre columbian america 200
Pre-Columbian America 200
  • Which civilization created this calendar?
  • Tell us about it.



pre columbian america 300
Pre-Columbian America 300
  • Who lived in cliff dwellings?
  • Tell us why they were safe here.



pre columbian america 400
Pre-Columbian America 400
  • Name and describe an agricultural technology used.

Chinampas, draining swamps, irrigation, terracces


pre columbian america 500
Pre-Columbian America 500
  • Who were the Cahokians and where did they live?

Expansive, trading chiefdoms in Mississippi area


famous greeks and romans 100
Famous Greeks and Romans 100
  • Which Greek/Roman wrote City of God and Confessions



famous greeks and romans 200
Famous Greeks and Romans 200
  • Because he was a Roman citizen, yet had Jewish blood, he was an instrument in bringing the Gospel to the Roman Empire.



famous greeks and romans 300
Famous Greeks and Romans 300
  • He focused on family values and paved the way for Pax Romana to happen.



famous greeks and romans 400
Famous Greeks and Romans 400
  • Was he really good or evil? He certainly described the Celts and Gaul very well.



famous greeks and romans 500
Famous Greeks and Romans 500
  • He was great orator and an upstanding Roman citizen.



age of exploration 100
Age of Exploration 100
  • What kind of ship is this and from what country?

Chinese Junk


age of exploration 200
Age of Exploration 200
  • Who was Henry the Navigator and why was he important?

Portuguese prince, promoted study of navigation and patroned exploration


age of exploration 300
Age of Exploration 300
  • Name 2 explorers, besides Columbus, and tell where they went.

Vasco de Gama – around Africa to India

BartolomeuDia – rounded Africa

Zheng He – explored Indian ocean, India and Africa

Ferdinand Magellan – circumnavigated the world


age of exploration 400
Age of Exploration 400
  • Who conquered the Aztecs and who conquered the Incas? Chose one of these and tell us how.

Aztecs – Cortes

Incans – Pizarro


age of exploration 500
Age of Exploration 500
  • Where in Africa was a Christian kingdom before Europeans had contact with them?



inner and east asia 100
Inner and East Asia 100
  • What military technology did the Tang Dynasty of China develop?
  • Why was this development important in war?

Iron stirrups


inner and east asia 200
Inner and East Asia 200
  • This is the “Great Vehicle.” This type of Buddhism fostered faith in enlightened beings called ______ who postponed nirvana.
  • Answer the question and fill in the blank.

Mahayana Buddhism, bodhisattvas


inner and east asia 300
Inner and East Asia 300
  • This dynasty had the super long, super hard, super stressful examination system for the administration of the empire.

Song Dynasty


inner and east asia 400
Inner and East Asia 400
  • What kind of decentralized government did Japan have from 1185 to 1333?
  • Explain this system.



inner and east asia 500
Inner and East Asia 500
  • Who was Wu Zhao of the Tang Dynasty?

Female emperor who claimed her right by being a bodhisattva


mongol eurasia 100
Mongol Eurasia 100
  • Name two Khanates or Empires created as a result of the Mongol invasions

Khanate of the Golden Horde

Il-Kahn Empire

Empire of the Great Khan

Khanate of Central Asia

Southern Song Empire (China - ruled by Kahn)


mongol eurasia 200
Mongol Eurasia 200
  • What is this? What is it’s importance?

Travel passport - paisa – the traveler had the ruler’s permission to travel through the region


mongol eurasia 300
Mongol Eurasia 300
  • Which member of the Kahn family conquered much of Central Asia and Iran and made Sunni Islam the orthodox religion?



mongol eurasia 400
Mongol Eurasia 400
  • What Chinese dynasty did Khubilai Khan begin that was a fusion of Chinese cultural heritage and Mongol traditions?
  • Describe an aspect of this dynasty.

Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)


mongol eurasia 500
Mongol Eurasia 500
  • What famous term came into use in Japan as a result of the Mongol’s failed fleet attacks?
  • What does this term mean?

Kamikaze – “divine wind”


4 th part of the world 200
4th Part of the World 200
  • What is a T-Map?
  • What is the importance of a T-Map?


4 th part of the world 400
4th Part of the World 400
  • Who was Prester John, and how was he connected with the Mongols?

The mythical Christian emperor, who supposedly lived somewhere in the far east, who promised to help the European Christians fight Islam.


4 th part of the world 600
4th Part of the World 600
  • Why was the New World called America rather than Columbia?

It is thought that Amerigo Vespucci landed in America before Columbus did because Columbus first landed in the West Indies.


4 th part of the world 800
4th Part of the World 800
  • Why was there a converted Jew on Columbus’ first voyage?

Spanish Jews knew Arabic, and it was thought, on the basis of Marco Polo’s experiences, that Arabic was an international language in the far east. So, he came to serve as interpreter for the explorers.


4 th part of the world 1000
4th Part of the World 1000
  • Who were the Fa-Lang, and why significant in the story of the relations between China and the West?

They were Europeans-Franks (Farang, in Arabic, became FA-LANG in Chinese) of whom there is a record of having visited China before Marco Polo and the rest, but about whom nothing is known in Europe.


renaissance 200
Renaissance 200
  • What made Gothic Cathedrals different from previously built cathedrals?

Larger windows, stained glass windows, flying buttresses, taller


renaissance 400
Renaissance 400
  • What did Dante write?
  • Why was it so popular/important for the Renaissance?

Divine Comedy


renaissance 600
Renaissance 600
  • What type of thinking/philosophy ruled the Renaissance?
  • What is it about/focus on?

Humanism, focused on the humanities subjects and the potential of men


renaissance 800
Renaissance 800
  • Who painted The Last Judgement and where is he in the painting?



renaissance 1000
Renaissance 1000
  • Who is more of a Renaissance man and why – Michaelangelo or Da Vinci?


historical potporri 200
Historical Potporri 200
  • Tell us how we think the origin of the Black Plague is, another name for the Black Plague, and the wave and direction in which it took.

Fleas on rats into Italy, up north and west all the way to Spain and England, then east to Russia, also known as Bubonic Plague


historical potporri 400
Historical Potporri 400
  • Who was a famous Carolingian and where did he rule?
  • What is the downfall on how these kings gave their inheritance? What did this system eventually lead to?

Charlemagne - France


historical potporri 600
Historical Potporri 600
  • What happened on 1066? Who were the players?

Norman invasion and conquest of England. William of Normandy vs. King Harold Godwinson


historical potporri 800
Historical Potporri 800
  • Who was Alexander Nevskii and what did he do?

Prince of Novgorod (Russia), persuaded princes to submit to Mongols, which allowed the Russian culture to survive


historical potporri 1000
Historical Potporri 1000
  • Who fought the 100 Years War and why was it fought?
  • (What special weapon gave one side an advantage?)

France vs. England – succession problem in France – no direct male heir to French throne, but English king has mother’s French lineage


western church 200
Western Church 200
  • Who was the first monk to lay a rule of monasticism?
  • Describe this Rule.

Benedict. Balanced life of devotion and work, celibacy, poverty, obedience.


western church 400
Western Church 400
  • By the end of the Great Western Schism, how many popes were there?
  • What two areas were arguing?

3 popes, Avignon and Rome


western church 600
Western Church 600
  • Who was the famous Christian king who led a Crusade, but ended up being sympathetic toward Arab/Islam culture?
  • What did the Pope think about him?

Friedrich II


western church 800
Western Church 800
  • Pope Urban II rallied for what war? By the 4th one, what city was sacked?
  • What were these wars about? Against whom?

Crusades, Constantinople


western church 1000
Western Church 1000
  • What is was the investiture controversy?
  • Who were two Englishmen who embodied this argument?

Who held ultimate authority over bishops in imperial land/who was able to appoint bishops. Thomas Beckett and King Henry II


byzantium 200
Byzantium 200
  • Who leads the orthodox church in Byzantium?
  • Explain some difference in the orthodox church rather than the Western Roman Catholics.


Married clergy, more mystical, emphasis on Holy Spirit, icons


byzantium 400
Byzantium 400
  • Explain the debate on iconoclasm.

Iconoclasts – didn’t want icons

Iconophiles – icons are windows into heaven

Pope was a iconoclast, eventual win for iconophiles, lead to schism between Roman Catholic and orthodox church.


byzantium 600
Byzantium 600
  • During this time period, (before, during, after Crusades) was Byzantium flourishing? Why or why not?

No – Crusaders sacked the city, Muslim attacks and sieges, urban centers were decaying


byzantium 800
Byzantium 800
  • What alphabet did Byzantine missionaries introduce to eastern Europe?

Cyrillic Alphabet


byzantium 1000
Byzantium 1000
  • Name a famous Byzantine woman and what she did (excluding Empress Theodora).

Princess Anna Comnena – wrote the Alexiad, about the Empire during her life (the Herodotus of Byzantium)

Empress Irene – first woman to rule Byzantium on her own, stops iconoclasm, was perhaps offered marriage by Charlemagne

Zoe-Sophia Paleologas – married Russian Prince Ivan III, introduced Byzantine court ceremony to Russia, convinced Ivan to give thrown to her son rather than his grandson.