Building UP a Noun Phrase
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Building UP a Noun Phrase. Proper Nouns: Dee Dee, Bailey, Curtis, Patrick, Zoe, Beverly, Wilma, Neville, Kilroy, Hamilton, Patricia, Genevieve, Daphne, Bryce, Grant, Vincente, Fillmore, Stephen, Marcus, Sylvester, Maurice, Griffith, Rosaleen, Ramona, Annabella, Jebediah, Johann,

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Proper Nouns:

Dee Dee, Bailey, Curtis, Patrick, Zoe, Beverly, Wilma, Neville, Kilroy, Hamilton,

Patricia, Genevieve, Daphne, Bryce, Grant, Vincente, Fillmore, Stephen, Marcus,

Sylvester, Maurice, Griffith, Rosaleen, Ramona, Annabella, Jebediah, Johann,

Eden, Vander, Ernesto, Cornelius, Crockett, Marla, Nathaniel, Woody, Zoltan

Ramsey, Miranda, Manfred, Ziporah, Charlotte, Regan, Edmund, Owen, Jasper,

Burke, Sebastian, Herbert, Ziggy, Violet, Xander, Juolian, Josephine, Leo,

Indiana, Booker, Clifford, Clementine, Yolanda, Wendell, Murdock, Larkspur

Harper, Hester, Malcolm, Hattie Mae, Ezra, Jem, Barton, Maximillian, Aloysius,

Ignacio, Nestor, Randall, Dougal, Beatrice, Zephyr

Characteristics (Adjectives): Adjectives answer the question “What kind?”

stolid, strange, strong, strict, stubborn, studious, sophisticated, successful, sullen,

supercilious, superstitious, surly, suspicious, sweet, taciturn, tactful, talented,

talkative, tasteful, tenacious, tense, terrified, thankful, thoughtful, thoughtless,

threatening, thrifty, timid, touchy, trendy, trusting, trustworthy, truthful, uncouth,

unctuous, unfriendly, unruly, uncivilized, unscrupulous, unselfish, useful, valiant

versatile, vivacious, warm, watchful, weak, weary, weird, whimsical, wise,

wishy-washy, wistful, witty, worried, wrathful, wretched, wrong

naïve, neat, negligent, nervous, noisy, obedient, obliging, optimistic, peaceful,

pensive, persevering, persistent, pessimistic, petulant, picky, plain, pleasant,

pitiful, polite, pompous, poor, popular, quarrelsome, quick, quiet, quixotic,

rambunctious, rash, respectful, restless, retiring, rich, risk-taking, rowdy, rude, sad,

scornful, sarcastic, satisfied, scared, secretive, secure, sedate, self-centered,

selfish, self-reliant, sensitive, serious, shrewd, shy, silly, sincere, skillful,

slovenly, sly, smart, sneaky, snobbish, sociable, stingy

Characteristics (Adjectives): question “What kind?”

gloomy, glum, gregarious, grateful, greedy, grouchy, grumpy, gullible, happy,

hard-hearted, hard-working, health-conscious, harried, hateful, haughty, helpful,

helpless, honest, hopeful, hospitable, humble, humorous, ignorant, imaginative,

immaculate, immature, impartial, impatient, impolite, impudent, impulsive,

independent, industrious, insistent, insolent, industrious, insistent, inventive,

jealous, jovial, joyful, lackadaisical, languid, lazy, light-hearted, lively, logical,

lonely, lucky, malicious, mean, messy, meticulous, mischievous, moody, mysterious

active, adventurous, affectionate, afraid, ambitious, amiable, angry, animated,

babyish, bewildered, blasé, bold, boorish, bored, bossy, brave, bright, brilliant,

busy, calm, candid, capable, careful, caustic, cautious, charismatic, conceited,

charming, cheerful, clever, clumsy, coarse, cold-hearted, courageous, cowardly,

cross, cultured, curious, dangerous, considerate, cooperative conscientious

Roles: (common nouns) question “What kind?”

lifeguard, philosopher, scientist, shoemaker, matador, explorer, inventor,

court jester, makeup artist, treasure hunter, student, drangon slayer, carpenter,

jeweler, candymaker, ventriloquist, fisherman, nurse, banker, tyrant, butcher,

reporter, web designer, programmer

secret agent, flight attendant, cashier, beekeeper, gladiator, clockmaker,

superhero, innkeeper, botanist, magician’s assistant; racecar driver, wizard,

game show host, dentist, food taster, actor

cake decorator, sky-diver, birdwatcher, trapeze artist; librarian, stamp collector,

tight-rope walker; dog trainer, dishwasher, cyclist; bodyguard, prime suspect,

ichthyologist, manicurist, sheriff, piano tuner, stuntman, composer, tour guide,

principal, knight, exterminator, factory worker, roofer, sailor, impersonator,

park ranger, mathematician, balloonist, guitarist, welder, window washer,

weatherman, scout

juggler, cowboy, clown, astronaut, anesthesiologist, zookeeper, crossing guard,

vegetarian, seamstress, thief, comedian

Clarence was a strange and gloomy cake decorator. question “What kind?”

Now, condense the sentence into a noun phrase

that has an appositive:

Clarence, a strange and gloomy cake decorator,

Verbs (actions): question “What kind?”

hides, can hide, is hiding, could have been hiding, was hiding, may be hiding

turns, might turn, is turning, should have been turning, was turning, might be turning

smiled, may smile, has been smiling, was smiling, would be smiling, could have been smiling

enjoys, enjoyed, is enjoying, could be enjoying, could have enjoyed, may be enjoying

steals, stole, has stolen, is stealing, has been stealing, was stealing, might be stealing

kicks, kicked, has bee kicking, has kicked, should have been kicking, had been kicking

fix, fixed, has fixed, has been fixing, should have been fixing, had been fixing, was fixing

complains, has been complaining, has complained, was complaining, complained

notices, will notice, will be noticing, has noticed, noticed, might notice, should have noticed

Direct Object question “What kind?”

(if needed)


Prepositional Phrase

If necessary, add a

noun (or pronoun)

that completes the


Add a word or words that

answer one of the

questions that adverbs


How? How often?

When? Where? Why?

Add a prepositional phrase that gives more

information about any

noun or verb in the sentence.

(A preposition is a word that will fit into the frame


____the rainbow.”