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Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Spring Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Spring Meeting

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Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Spring Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Spring Meeting. Monday, March 14, 2011 12:15-1:30 PM Chicago, IL . Meeting Agenda. Executive Committee Presentation LSC Projects/Goals Breakout Recruiting LSC Officers/Volunteers Awards: Shining Star

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Presentation Transcript

Welcome to the Local Sections Committee (LSC) Spring Meeting

Monday, March 14, 2011

12:15-1:30 PM

Chicago, IL


Meeting Agenda

  • Executive Committee Presentation
  • LSC Projects/Goals Breakout
  • Recruiting LSC Officers/Volunteers
  • Awards: Shining Star
  • McKetta ProjectConnect/Program Planning Grants
  • Update on Virtual Local Section
  • Chief Information Officer Update
  • CEOC Projects
  • YP Initiatives
  • 2012 Leadership Development Conference
  • LSC Projects/Goals Breakout



LSC Goals/Breakout

  • Local Section Development
  • Leadership
  • Regional Conferences
  • International Sections
  • Support



Shining Star Recognition Awards

Presented By:

Shannon Brown


Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards

  • What are the Shining Star Awards?
    • Initiated in 2009 to recognize AIChE volunteers nation wide for their tireless efforts
    • Support volunteers in attending national AIChE meetings throughout the year
    • Aid Local Sections in helping their volunteers to continue to volunteer
    • Recognize those that go above and beyond in their service to AIChE
    • Free registration and expenses paid (up to $1000) to any National Meeting (Annual or Spring Meeting or LDC)



Shining Star - Volunteer Recognition Awards

  • Shining Star Awards Recommendations
    • Two nominations per Local Section per year
    • Independent of the ProjectConnect or Program Planning Grants
    • Examples of service recognized:
        • Dedication and personal commitment to AIChE and the Local Section
        • Willingness to take on a daunting task
        • Set an example for others
        • Willingness to step up and help the section when it needed it the most
        • A long history of service to the section
        • Infusion of new ideas / energy into the section


2010 4 th quarter john j mcketta projectconnect grants
2010 4th QuarterJohn J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grants
  • Knoxville-Oakridge Local Section
  • Puget Sound Local Section
  • St. Louis Local Section
  • Congratulations!
  • The John J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grants for Local Sections were inaugurated in 2001 to assist local sections with their efforts to reach out to students, recent chemical engineering graduates, and new engineers.
  • Next deadline March 31, 2011
  • Apply:
virtual local section update

Virtual Local Section Update

Dan Lambert

Chair of VLS

Central Savannah River LS

  • To LSC for support of the VLS
  • To CEOC for support of the VLS
  • To many on AIChE staff
    • Felicia Guglielmi, Bette Lawler, Anne Schaeffer, Donia Elsherbeni and many others
    • Computer support and WebEx from Amit Gupta, Gennady Shafirovich, John Vasko
  • Leadership Team Established
  • Website Completed (
  • 200 VLS members recruited
  • Two Meetings Completed:
    • Jan 27, Dr. Maria Burka, 40 attendees
    • Feb 24, Mr. Gregg Kiihne, 36 attendees
  • Continue to meet 4th Thursday, 9:00 pm ET
  • Meetings available on archive
initial impressions
virtual.aiche.orgInitial Impressions
  • Member Registration lower than expected
  • Meeting attendees lower than expected
  • Few Young Professionals attending
  • Average age of Feb attendees: ~55
  • Attracting international ChEs
  • Hard to interact over internet (sound issues)
ways to grow
virtual.aiche.orgWays to grow
  • Great Programming
  • Intentional of invitation of AIChE subgroups
    • Young Professionals
        • Noah Meeks to head up group
        • ~35 YPs members of VLS
        • Awards for attending and inviting all YPs
    • AIChE members with children
        • Too busy to join local section but might attend from home
near term plans
virtual.aiche.orgNear Term Plans
  • Recruitment of additional speakers
  • Tactical recruitment of AIChE members who may be interested in meetings
  • Approval of VLS Bylaws by Executive Committee
  • Approval of VLS bylaws by LSC, CEOC
  • Election of VLS Officers per bylaws
help wanted
virtual.aiche.orgHelp Wanted
  • We need leadership in a number of areas:
    • Directors, Newsletter Editor
    • Academic, Women, Minority, Societal Impact, PE Chair
  • Contact Dan Lambert or Amanda Robben, virtualvicechair@aiche.
  • or
important links
virtual.aiche.orgImportant Links
  • Virtual Local Section Homepage:
  • Facebook Group: virtuAIChE
  • Join VLS (
  • Live Meetings:
  • Archived presentations on:
    • VLS Website (archive link on home page)
    • ChemEonDemand (free for VLS members)


  • Who are they?
  • Volunteers from each local section
  • Currently there are 40 Chief Information Officers
  • What do they do?
  • Direct links from global AIChE to your local section


  • What do they know?
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Monthly live webinars
    • Programs specially designed for Local Sections
    • ProjectConnect and Program Planning Grants
    • Shining Star Awards
    • Speakers’ Corner
  • Inform professional members on career opportunities and membership benefits

CEOC Projects 2011

  • “Hospitality”/Mentoring Program Welcoming first time YP attendees to LS meetings
  • Carol Schmidt & Kelly Richardson (STS) (
  • Best practices & Mentoring 2 YP local sections
  • LS Fundraising Efforts
  • Anthony Fregosi (CEOC) (
  • Best Practices & Mentoring 2-3 Local Sections


ceoc projects 2011
CEOC Projects 2011
  • New Options for Leadership Development
  • Diane Spencer (CEOC) (
  • Review a Wide Review of Options
  • New Best Practices
  • Innovative LS Activities this Summer
  • If you’re interested, contact the project leader
  • Student-to-YP Conversion
  • Jeff Perl (CEOC)
  • Plan TBD
young professionals fellows mentor program

Young Professionals/FellowsMentor Program

Presented By:

Cory Jensen

Rocky Mountain Section

Denver, CO


Leadership Development Conference June 4-6, 2012

Presented By:

Cory Jensen

Rocky Mountain Section

Denver, CO


LSC Goals/Breakout

Local Sections

  • Reactivation of 5 LSs
  • Development of resources for troubled LSs
  • Development of 5 NEW LSs by demographics
  • Support for Virtual LS
  • Combine 5 LSs with nearby active LSs
  • Develop Regional Model for LSs similar to YP & students


  • Leadership Training in Years without LDC



LSC Goals/Breakout cont'd


  • Develop Regional Conferences in 5 areas outside Chicago & Houston
  • Collaborate with one Division or Forum for Regional Conference


  • Develop 5 new International LSs


  • Provide Support for troubled LSs with Grants (ProjectConnect & Program Planning)
  • Provide websites for all LSs
  • Increase membership by considering new models such as free membership



LSC Goals/Breakout cont'd

  • LSC development of financial support for all LSs
  • Collaborate with one Division or Forum for Regional Conference


  • Develop partnerships or Sister LSs between international and continental sections similar to Sister Cities Initiatives