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2009 年高考考前查漏补缺及综合演练

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2009 年高考考前查漏补缺及综合演练 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009 年高考考前查漏补缺及综合演练. Where there is a will, there is a way!. 单选做题误区. 1、 The house needn’t ______. A.clean cleaned D.cleaned. Need+V-ing 结构中的 need 是实义动词. 2、 Only when he ______ his homework will he go to play outside. A.does B.will do

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Where there is a will, there is a way!

1 the house needn t a clean b cleaning c be cleaned d cleaned


1、The house needn’t ______.A.clean cleaned D.cleaned



2、Only when he ______ his homework will he go to play outside.

A.does B.will do doing D.has done


Every minute must be made good use of ______ your lessons.

A.Review B.To review C.reviewing D.revision



During the discussion, we talked ______ with the foreigners.

A.friendly B.lively

C.orderly D.politely



----You cooked a nice meal for us.


A.No at all B.I didn’t cook well, in fact

C.Of course not D.I’m glad you enjoyed it


----Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?

----I’m afraid ______ day is possible.

A.cither B.neither

C.some D.any

若变I’m afraid为I think,则正确选项为 _______



、Robert is said ___ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in. have studied study be studying have been studying

若把题干的studied变为will study,正确选项为 ______



---I wonder if you will go to the lecture.

----If you do, so ______ I.

C.may D.will


There stands ______ basket in the corner. You must throw waste paper into it.

A.paper B.a paper

C.papers D.the papers


----Didn’t you watch the football match yesterday?

----________. I would like to have seen it.

A.Yes, I did B.No, I didn’t C.Yes, I didn’t D.No, I did


Don’t take the Fun Out of Youth Sports

( 2004 北京高考)

The new coach, however, took all the fun out of the game. We ran so much, afterwards, we had trouble __1__. Younger people shouldn’t be doing exercises ___2___ for 18-years-olds. I feared making mistakes and the added pressure caused me to make more than my usual __3____.

  • A. speaking B. moving C. sleeping
  • D. breathing
  • 2. A. used B. intended C. made D. described
  • 3. A. size B. share C. space D. state

I usually spend as much time as I can _____my lessons.

A.prepare prepare C.preparing D.have prepared

理清句子 主次:

as much time as I can 属于冗余信息



  • eg. No man can change the weather. Nobody can control the weather. But if we 1 correctly the signs around us we can 2 what the more changes in the weather will be. This way of telling what the weather will be like the following day or two is called weather forecasting.
  • A. see B. look C. read D. watch
  • A. tell B. speak C. talk D. point

阅读一例: 概括主旨

  • A bus driver must answer questions while guiding a bus through heavy traffic .All day long , the driver answers the same questions without becoming angry. Every few minutes a bus driver has to ask passengers to step to the back of the bus .In spite of traffic snarls and thoughtless passengers who cause delays, a bus driver is expected to cover his or her route on schedule.

Driving a bus is _____work



From the picture ,we can see many people carrying water and pouring water into a big vat . The vat is full of holes from which water is leaking out . We can imagine that the final result will be the vat is still empty no matter how much water has been poured into it . Obviously the holes should plugged first .

The way that some students study is just like the situation described above . They just absorb new knowledge and never review it in time or make up loopholes in knowledge . In order to make progress in study , we should not only learn new things as much as possible , but also go over them from time to time so that they will not be forgotten .


Thank you!

Good luck!