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  1. The magazine I am pitching you today is a brand new music magazine. The magazine will be called IN which stands for Indie News. The magazine will be based on the indie and alternative genres, featuring artists old and new. The inspiration for this magazine has come from researching a variety of other magazines such as Q and Clash.

  2. I have chosen the institution Bauer Media to produce my magazine. Bauer Media already produce magazines such as Q, which is very similar to my magazine idea. Q magazine also cover a variety of old and new artists such as The Arctic Monkeys and The Wombats. As Bauer Media already have experience producing similar magazines, I believe they would be the perfect publishers for my magazine.

  3. Nowadays, the indie and alternative music scene is becoming much more popular. We live in a society where people aim to be different and eccentric, which is what this magazine will offer. I would like to offer an alternative magazine which stands out amongst all other typical magazines. Indie and alternative music allows our audience to stand out amongst the crowd and express their outlandish personalities. The alternative fashion scene is also on the rise, a trend young readers will want to follow. Offering a magazine with the same persona will attract our younger readers.

  4. The target audience of my brand new magazine will be 16-24 year olds. Whilst researching music magazines I found that most magazines that include indie/alternative artists decide to aim at the younger generation. It will also attract boys and girls as the content will appeal to both genders. I am trying to aim my magazine at a more sophisticated audience, despite it being aimed at a young people I still want the magazine to look appealing and simple. Hopefully, the magazine will attract modern, mature and intelligent readers, who also enjoy the indie and alternative genres.

  5. My main house style will be based on colours. Throughout the magazine I hope to continuously use the colours red, white and black. Each of these colours have different connotations that relate to my magazine and genre of music. For example white and black highlight the modern impression of the magazine whilst red has connotations to anger and love, which can be used effectively. By using a house style like this it allows the magazine to be easily recognisable and allows as sense of continuity, things that readers appreciate. My mode of address will be a mixture of formal and informal. By using a mixture, you can keep the modern and sophisticated vibe whilst also appealing to your audience. For example, keeping the magazine structured and organised highlights formality. By using informal language such as slang, helps the magazine appeal to a younger audience. The magazine will mostly have a formal mode of address, with a hint of informality

  6. The main contents of my first magazine will be an interview/article including the main female artist. This will be included on the double page spread of my magazine. On the front cover and contents page there will hints at articles/interviews with other well known artists. The front cover will also include a feature relating to a list/chart of the hottest indie music. The majority of the magazine will focus on the main female artist who I will include of my front cover.