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welcome to Media Industries 1 2012

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welcome to Media Industries 1 2012. who ’ s who …. Brian Morris 9.4.42 Rachel Wilson 9.4.35. 3rd media year is …. Bigger … projects are bigger, expectations larger and the payoffs are HUGE (should you choose to ‘ step-up ’ to the challenge)

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who s who
who’s who ….
  • Brian Morris 9.4.42
  • Rachel Wilson 9.4.35
3rd media year is
3rd media year is …
  • Bigger … projects are bigger, expectations larger and the payoffs are HUGE(should you choose to ‘step-up’ to the challenge)
  • Interconnected - MI 1 + PP1 + PP2 + MI2 = a holistic year of thinking, researching, playing & making.
  • More work (no point in pretending)
  • & you are expected to work much more independently (we won’t be around to told your hand next year)
public service announcements
public service announcements…
  • Work attachment’s - your mandatory 80hrs must be completed my end of MI2 - but DO IT NOW (make an appointment to see Paul Ritchard or Christine Rogers ASAP)
  • Career Development and Employment is a student service open to you all! Career EXPO – March 6th @ Royal Exhibition Building (1.30-4.30pm)
career development and employment
Career Development and Employment

….has a series of Employer Information Sessions. Employers will be on campus to speak to final and penultimate students in various disciplines.

    • State Services, Victorian Government20th March, 12.30 - 1.30pm Targeting final year, undergraduate and postgraduates - Bld 108 level 8 room 17.
  • They also run LUNCHTIME workshops in resumes, interviewing & online applications


the mi 1 challenge
the MI 1 challenge …

“In virtually every subject area, our knowledge is incomplete and there are problems are waiting to be solved. We can address the holes in our knowledge and those unresolved problems by asking relevant questions and then seeking answers through systematic research.”

think big
think BIG…

This course presents YOU with an opportunity to do real and substantial research!

There is no reason you can’t be the considered the expert in the area by the end.

THINK BIG and make sure you can meet and network with people.

the mi 1 pay off
the MI 1 pay-off

by the end of the semester…

…YOU ought to know more about your chosen topic than US (or quite frankly you haven’t done enough work).

…YOU should be able to claim to have real insight and expertise within your selected field (& be able to prove it with your report!)


“As a students in Media Industries you will undertake collaborative research projects around a series of industry-relevant topics.”

The work must be PUBLISHED - usually via website.blog or wiki - this is dependant on the nature of the project & needs to be appropriate to the content.
  • Mandatory PRESENTATION SESSION - all day WEDNESDAY 1st JUNE. Make sure they put it their diary… hospitalisation the only excuse. Extra marks are allocated to those who stay the whole day.
  • The final reports will equate to approx 4,000 words per student
key dates
Key dates….
  • Week 5 - project brief DUE
  • Week 7 - 1st progress report
  • Week 11- practice presentation
  • Week 13 - WEDNESDAY 1st JUNE all day presentation session!
  • Week 14 - final report and reflective self assessment blog due!
what research is not
what RESEARCH is not…
  • research is not mere info gathering
  • research is not mere transportation of facts from one location to another
  • research is not merely rummaging for information
research is
  • research originates with a question or a problem
  • research requires the clear articulation of a goal
  • research requires a specific PLANfor proceeding
  • research usually divided the principal problem into more manageable sub-problems
  • research is guided by the specific research problem, question, or hypothesis
  • research accepts certain critical assumptions
  • research requires the COLLECTION & INTERPRETATION of data in and attempt to resolve the problem
  • research is, by its nature, cyclical.
context ….
  • media INDUSTRIES - link to this notion
    • creative class (reading: Richard Florida)
    • the notion of the Creative industries is a recent one (massive research center in Queensland)
  • Research needs to be relevant & engage directly with INDUSTRY issues.
yet there is more
& yet there is more …
  • we want to extend an INVITATION …. to consider media and content production from a different point of view ….
    • one that more and more companies are engaging in
    • where there appears to be ‘real’ job growth and potential …
    • because of recent world events and how YOU have to think through these ramifications in terms of your career &
    • because it is IMPORTANT!
media as a tool …

for ‘transformation’

for good instead of evil

for change instead of status-quo