Domestic Remedies- Creative Nail Art
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Creative nails art is a source for increasing knowledge about the tips for curing your nails and for beautifying your nails in a better way. Nails if are cured well increases the beauty of the hands but it should be done in a proper manner only to get attractive looks for your hands.

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Home remedies for nails art

Domestic Remedies- Creative Nail Art

Nails add beauty to hands of a woman, and if those nails are properly decorated or polished then no

doubt it will never go unnoticed. If your nails are in a good and healthy states that shows your entire

body is fit and healthy. So, it is quite necessary to maintain your nails in an adequate manner.

Our nails are made of the similar component named as ‘Keratin’ as that of our hairs. The growth speed

of our finger nails is faster than toe nails, nails of finger grow around one-tenth of an inch every month,

and many of the times it grows even faster. For nail design, it is important to have stronger and clean

nails only then your nail art will look good.

There are distinct elements which are responsible for the slow growth of nails, and that are-

Aging procedure

Issues regarding health

Hormonal changes in the body

Lack in nutritious food/ diet


These were the same cases, when the growing speed goes down but then there cases where the nail

growing speed is higher also, and it is when women’s are pregnant and during their puberty age.

Here are some of home remedies which can help you with growing nails faster-


For attaining faster growth in nails, it is required to moisture your nails deeply. It invades into the skin

around the nails and therefore nourishes the nails with vitamin E present in olive oil, this somehow also

improves the blood circulation of body and along with that it strengthens your nails too.

Home remedies for nails art

Warm some olive oil and apply it on your nails and cuticles and massage thoroughly for

3 to 4 minutes. After this wear cotton gloves for the whole night, you are required to do

this daily.

If you think you can’t practice the above mentioned activity then another option is to

soak your nails in warm olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes every day.


it helps in nourishment of nails and moisturizes your nails for longer time along with it

strengthens the cuticles.

Give massage to your nails with coconut oil daily at night.

Mix up 1/4th cup of coconut oil with 1/4th cup of honey and few drops of rosemary oil.

Heat up the mixture for 20 seconds and dip your nails into it. Do this activity once in a



Lemon are enriched with vitamin C which is useful for the speedy growth of nails, it also gives a

sheer shine to your nails.

Prepare a mixture by adding 1 full tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoon of olive

oil. And soak your nails in it every day for 10 minutes.

If you don’t have time to spare for preparing the mixture then you can rub a lemon on

your nails for 5 minutes.

Home remedies for nails art


As we all know, orange juice is enriched with vitamin C which is good for growth of nails.

Soak your nails in orange juice for minimum 10 minutes.

Then wash your hands with warm water

Apply moisturizer and massage gently.

If you will implement at least one of the tips mentioned above, you certainly can improve

strengthening of your nails. Use them and make your nails look even more pretty, and don’t forget to

leave share your views with me.