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Home Remedies For Gout PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Remedies For Gout

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Home Remedies For Gout - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Home Remedies For Gout

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Home Remedies For Gout

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Home Remedies For GoutEffective tools for goutGout - the disease of rheumatic properties and origin of pain is usually fixed on the big toe. It is not recommended to treat the disease at the time of the attack, and should be given time to go sharp, and only then to treat the disease below the recommended tools.The best way to cure gout is bee stings. A German brewer suffered so severe a form of gout that he was bedridden for five days. After seven bee stings, he always got rid of gout.Upper Palatinate nine years old so severely suffered from gout that she could not stand upright. All means were invalid. Following the advice of a doctor, the girl was cured by bee stings. Immediately after the first bite of the patient was relieved, but after a few bites they completely recovered. The bees themselves are a lot of good people in a variety of aspects of life, and in the treatment of rheumatic diseases such as generally indispensable. Wonders of the treatment of rheumatism stings of bees known to mankind since ancient times and for many centuries to help fight the disease.Three it is highly recommended by many healers a way to treat gout. Melt fraction of fresh unsalted butter over the fire. When the oil starts to boil, it is necessary to remove and clean the foam and add the same amount of ethyl alcohol. Then ignite the mixture and allow all the alcohol burn. The remaining mass - the best remedy against gout, but on condition that the rubbing of the tool in place of gout affected will be near a hot fire: fireplaces, fireplace, stove, etc.Home remedies for goutGout - a type of arthritis. The disease is caused by a breach of protein metabolism, which is due to increased blood levels of uric acid and uric acid are deposited in the joints of salt. In a healthy body of salt in the sediment did not fall out. However, due to kidney damage decreases the amount of protective colloid, increasing the solvent power of urine. Salts are beginning to be deposited in the joints and tissues.Gout is recommended to start treatment with a change in diet. Eating foods rich in prunes increases the formation of uric acid and increases its content in the blood. It is recommended dairy vegetable diet. On meat, meat soups and broths, liver, kidneys and molluscs, crayfish, herring and anchovy better yet forget it. Sorrel, peas, beans, spinach, radishes, lentils and vegetables that contain purines are also under the ban, if you want to be healed. It is also completely eliminate alcohol and yeast, as the beer and food. Need to eat dairy products: yogurt, sour milk, koumiss, whey. It is also useful for fruits and vegetables, especially lemons, gooseberries, strawberries, root vegetables.The main idea of this diet is the cessation of alcohol consumption, switching to a diet low in purines, fats and proteins. Increased consumption of fresh vegetables fruits and berries (especially useful for fresh cherries, blueberries, and hawthorn). Daily consumption of fresh cherries in the amount of 200 grams effectively prevents gout attacks. When healthy eating through, you can start treatment for gout folk remedies.The most effective means are bee stings. A maximum of 7 bites can completely eliminate the disease. However, a very cautious approaches, because it occurs in people intolerant of bee venom.Previously, Russ was treated with gout grass - so called mother-and-stepmother. Use the juice or leaves, chopped salt. The treatment lasts 2-3 months and is to use 1 tablespoon of money for an hour before a meal once in a day. Simultaneously, a mixture of milled herbs and salt can be used as a compress, warming the affected area with heaters.A portion of fresh unsalted butter, melt over low heat before boiling. Then, the resulting foam is removed and added the same volume of ethyl alcohol. The mixture should be light and wait until all the alcohol will burn out. What is left is the best healing remedy for gout. It must be rubbed into the affected area near the hot fire: a stove, fireplace or campfire.A good effect is produced by infusion of the flowers of sunflower. It is necessary to fill one-third of the vessel crushed flowers and small leaves, add water and let stand in warm place (preferably in the sun) for at least 8 days. Before applying the half-diluted with water and drunk with the start of seizures. Also from the tincture can make a hot compress.