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Safety Course

Safety Course

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Safety Course

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  1. Safety Course Think, Talk, and Walk Safety Be Safety Conscious at Home, Work, Everywhere! Mr. Sherpinsky’s Safety First Presentation Council Rock High School Cooperative Education Program

  2. Common to Safety at ALL Jobs: • Knowledge of job and equipment using. Ask questions if you don’t know! Be sure! • Ask for training! Try to continually improve and perfect your safety skills. • Have a positive attitude towards safety. • Avoid unsafe habits. No “horseplay”. • Be well-rested when you go to work. • Accept the fact that you are not invincible.

  3. Minimal Safety Guidelines that YOU should Observe on ANY job! • Always use all safety equipment provided. • Know your equipment-How to use it properly • Use Adequate Lighting. • Make sure that there is proper ventilation. • Know your limitations! • Learn all you can about your job. • Use your knowledge to protect yourself from injury.

  4. You Are: • The MOST important person using personal protection equipment. • In the MOST control of putting tools away. • The MOST responsible for your own safety. • Responsible for preventing injuries due to accidents. • Responsible for taking action to avoid injury from using harmful materials. • Aware that your attitude towards safety may change when you are tired, excited, or angry.

  5. Highest Cause of Accidents Human Failure • Not Bad Materials • Not Faulty Equipment

  6. Safety Education Should be learned: • On the job • At home • In school Important Factors • Develop a good attitude toward safety! • You’re the most important person involved in personal protection equipment and safety

  7. Safety Education Who’s most affected by injury? • Fellow employees • You • Your family Important Benefits: • Self-preservation • Material gain • Chances for advancement Never say… accidents will happen regardless of what I do!

  8. Safety Education How to avoid injuries: • Clean up after yourself • Inspect your jobsite for hazards • Use the proper tools for the right job • Learn how to use the tool correctly before using • Remove jewelry and loose clothing Important Points: • You’re the most responsible person involved in your safety • Safety is everyone’s concern!!!

  9. Safety Education Warning Signs for Hazards: • Not maintaining a positive attitude toward safety. • Not reporting faulty or worn out safety equipment • Not cleaning up your worksite on a daily basis to avoid potential accidents • Not ensuring that all gears, moving parts, and belts are protected with guards

  10. Safety Education Warning Signs for Hazards: • Not wearing or using adequate safety equipment at all times • Not using proper lifting techniques at all times • Not checking or following for safety procedures at all times • Not applying a proven remedy for accident prevention

  11. Safety Education Who Enforces Workplace Safety: • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) • Act passed by Congress to assure safe and healthy working conditions for every man and woman and to preserve our human resources. • Secretary of Labor • Employer • Your Co-op Teacher • Yourself

  12. Safety Education • Accidents happen everywhere and to everyone, even at home • The more serious accidents happen at home • Getting to work can be more dangerous than the job itself • Falling is the most common accident at home General Information About Safety:

  13. Safety Education General Information About Safety: • Human error causes the unsafe behavior • Greatest # of deaths from drugs, alcohol, & cars happen to 16-24 year-olds • Carelessness is the most common cause of accidents • You attitude toward safety can change when you’re tired, excited, and angry

  14. Safety Making Safety a Habit! Exam-45 Questions You must get a score of 100%