Food safety
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Food safety Training Course. Co-financiado:. Thermopar. Digital. Infra-red. Bimetallic thermometer. Self-control HACCP System. 3| 11 Self-control – HACCP System. What is the HACCP system?. Means: “Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points”

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Food safety training course

Food safety

Training Course

  • Co-financiado:

Food safety training course




Bimetallic thermometer

Food safety training course


HACCP System

Food safety training course

3|11 Self-control – HACCP System

What is the HACCP system?


“Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points”

It´s a food safety preventive control system

Internationally recognized

Applicable to the whole food sector

Food safety training course

4| 11 Self-control – HACCP System


Hazard Analysis:

Procedure that involves the collection and analysis of information about hazards that may be associated to food

Flux gram:

Schematic representation of the sequence of stages of a manufacturing process

Critical limit:

Value/criterion that establishes the “boundary” between what is acceptable and unacceptable

Corrective action:

Action or procedure to take when a deviation of the critical limits is detected

Food safety training course

5| 11 Self-control – HACCP System


Control measure:

Action that prevents, reduces or eliminates hazards


Planned sequence of actions or measurement of control parameters

Critical Control Points (CCP):

Stage of the process where control measures can be applied that are essential to eliminate a hazard or to avoid the hazard from reaching a critical limit

Food safety training course

6| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

Pre-requisite programs

These should be implemented before the HACCP system is established

Food safety training course

7| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

HACCP system principles

  • Principle 1

    Identify any hazards that must be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels;

  • Principle 2

    Identify the critical control points (CCP) to control identified hazards;

  • Principle 3

    Establish critical limits that should be respected to ensure that each CCP is under control;

  • Principle 4

    Establish a monitoring system to assure that CCP are under control;

Food safety training course

8| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

HACCP system principles

  • Principle 5

    Establish corrective actions when monitoring indicates that a critical control point is not under control;

  • Principle 6

    Establish verification procedures that confirm proper functioning of the HACCP system;

  • Principle 7

    Organize documents regarding all procedures and records related to these principles and to their application.

Food safety training course

9| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

  • 1st stage

    Assemble HACCP team;

  • 2nd stage

    Describe product;

  • 3rd stage

    Identify intended use;

  • 4th stage

    Construct process Flow Diagram and Plant Schematic

  • 5th stage

    On-site verification of Flow Diagram and Plant Schematic

Stages for implementing the HACCP system

Food safety training course

10| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

Stages for implementing the HACCP system

  • 6th stage

    List hazards associated with each step, conduct a hazard analysis and consider measures to control the identified hazards (principle 1);

  • 7th stage

    Determine Critical Control Points (Principle 2) – this stage is easier if the decision tree is used;

  • 8th stage

    Establish critical limits for Critical Control Points (Principle 3);

Food safety training course

11| 11 Self-control – HACCP System

Stages for implementing the HACCP system

  • 9th stage

    Establish monitoring procedures for each CCP (Principle 4);

  • 10th stage

    Establish corrective actions (Principle 5);

  • 11th stage

    Establish verification procedures (Principle 6);

  • 12th stage

    Establish record keeping/documentation for principles (Principle 7).