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  2. A youth initiative to address Pakistan’s greatest challenge of youth unemployment and under employment What is YES Network Pakistan?

  3. Pakistan at the moment houses the largest number of youth in its history. Population under the age of 29 constitute 70% of the total population. Almost 65% youth live in rural areas having very little or no opportunities for education, training and skill development. Pakistan has been ranked as number one in gender discrimination/male domination. Pakistan is the third largest contributor to the world population after china and India. Why YES Network Pakistan?

  4. Launching YES under environmental and organizational constraints. Psychological and economic poverty. Lack of initiative and drive among youth. Fatalism. Environment of Mistrust. Lack of self confidence among youth. Lack of multi sectoral coordination. Challenges

  5. Advocacy for building social capital. Youth Participation and Leadership Development. Integration (utilizing existing resources instead of reinventing the wheel). Youth Service (training and engaging youth for a definite period). Research. Adult Functional Literacy. Our Strategies

  6. How is YES Network Pakistan Organized? YES NATIONAL COMMITTEE YES National Advisory Committee & Board of Directors YES Provincial Committees Punjab YES Provincial Committees N.W.F.P. YES Provincial Committees Sindh YES Provincial CommitteesBalochistan YESProvincial Advisory Committees YES Management Committees YES Functional Committees YES Functional Committees YES Functional Committees YES Functional Committees

  7. Our Programs and Achievements Skill Development Centers Adult Literacy Education PNYSAcademy YES Network Pakistan Research PNYSProgram Reproductive Health

  8. Don’t wait for external assistance mobilize and use local resources (Start small think big and act now) Evolve institutional Structure gradually and carefully in stages Focus on building and channeling social capital towards right direction Create a sense of caring within the network before creating outside the Network Organize Youth Service Programs Networking and developing partnerships with public and private sector Youth unemployment is not evenly distributed Lessons Learnt

  9. Future Plan of Action • Expanding, strengthening and integrating existing programs for synergistic affect in the following areas: • Education • RH • Skill Development Centers • Advocacy • Gender Sensitization • Youth Service • Trainings with the addition of entrepreneurship at grassroots level • Research and evaluation • Harnessing the potential ICTS for social and economic empowerment of youth • Advocacy for the development of youth service policy as an integral part of the youth policy of Pakistan • Exploring new opportunities for empowerment of youth • Establishing support structures for youth empowering environment in the family

  10. The first essential of success is that you begin.Once you have started,all that is within and without you will come to your assistance Do not wait.The time will never be "just right.“ start where you stand,and work with whatever tools you have at your command.Better tools will be found as you go along Last Thoughts