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Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN). Presented by Engr. Javed Ali Memon Liaison Officer (PERN) Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad-Pakistan 20 th APAN Meeting Taipei, Taiwan. Contents.

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Presentation Transcript
Pakistan education research network pern

Pakistan Education &Research Network(PERN)

Presented by

Engr. Javed Ali Memon

Liaison Officer (PERN)

Higher Education Commission (HEC)


20th APAN Meeting Taipei, Taiwan


  • Organization Introduction (HEC) – An Introduction

    • HEC Mission

    • Strategic Aims

    • HEC Programs

    • Technology Infrastructure

  • Pakistan Education & Research Network

    • Background & Objectives

    • Core Network & Architecture

    • PERN Connectivity Summary

    • Available & Planned Services

    • Digital Library

    • PERN Development Forum (PDF)

    • PERN Upgradation Projects

    • PERN & APAN

Hec mission
HEC Mission

“To Facilitate Institutions of Higher Learning to serve as an Engine of Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan”

Strategic aims
Strategic Aims

  • Faculty Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • Improving Access & Learning

  • Excellence in Research

  • Relevance to National Priorities

  • Infrastructure Development ( Free Access to Literature, Free Access to Sophisticated Instruments, Technology Assisted Learning)

  • Good Governance & Management

  • Quality Assurance (Standards, Assessment, Accreditation)

  • Promoting Research Culture in Pakistan

Hec programs
HEC Programs

  • Post-Doctoral, Ph.D & Master Fellowship Programs (Local and International)

  • Foreign Faculty Hiring Program

  • National & International Research Grants Programs for Universities

  • Pakistan Organization of Collaborative Research (POCR)

  • Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council for Pakistan (SSHRC)

  • Digital Library Program

  • Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN)

  • Students Affairs Programs

  • Quality Assurance Programs

  • Accreditation & Attestation Services

Pakistan education research network pern

TechnologyInfrastructureLeveraging Information Technology

  • University Computerization & Networking

    • Computer Laboratories

    • Campus wide high-speed LAN

    • Business Process Automation

  • PERN

  • Digital Library

  • PAKSAT – 1

    • Free use of bandwidth for educational purposes

  • Distance Education

    • Virtual University

    • Educational TV Channels

    • Video Lecturing

  • Information Management System

    • Universities Web Portals

    • HEC Internal & External Workspace Portal

    • PERN Website

Pakistan education research network pern1
Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN)

  • Background

    • Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN) is part of the overall vision and objectives of IT Action Plan of Government of Pakistan

    • Leverage the existing Telecom infrastructure to boost Bandwidth

Pern objectives
PERN Objectives

  • Provide state of the art Telecomm infrastructure and services to Educational and Research institutions

  • A dedicated Educational Network for Public/Private Universities & Higher learning Institutions registered with the HEC Government of Pakistan.

  • The interconnectivity Between all universities / institutes which will provide integration of data banks, collaboration for research and development activities and up-gradation of teaching and learning skills.

  • Access of Digital Library

  • Provision of Internet Services (hosting and provide relevant information to their users)

  • To develop a network which functions like a Enterprise/VPN/VoIP

  • Availability of Offline Contents

  • Connectivity with Other Educational Networks worldwide.

  • Access Platform for Distance Learning and Video Conferencing facilities.


  • Higher Education Commission

  • Ministry of IT & Telecomm

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd (PTCL)

  • National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)

Pern core network
PERN Core Network

  • Using the Existing Optical Fiber System of PTCL/NTC and IP/ATM backbone of NTC

  • The network design of PERN consists of three nodal points (PoPs) at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

  • The interconnectivity between Nodal Points is 50 Mbps.

  • The educational institutions are connected to their respective nodal point by minimum 2Mbps link from the nearest exchange of NTC/PTCL using OFS, DXX , DRS, Radio or VSAT

  • The 155 Mbps Internet Bandwidth is distributed at three nodal points.

Pakistan education research network pern

PERN Architecture

33 Mbps International



Core Router/ATM



Replica of Kr./Iba

65 Mbps International


57 Mbps International


50 Mbps

50 Mbps


Core Router/ATM


Core Router/ATM





LAN Switch

50 Mbps



LAN Switch






















Application and services
Application and Services

  • Current Services

    • International Bandwidth, Public IP Addresses, High BW Data Transfer

    • Digital Library: >17000 Journals

    • Point-to-Point Videoconferencing

  • Services Under Beta Trial

    • Multipoint Videoconferencing

    • COI Content Generation and Sharing system

    • Open Source Knowledge Repository

  • Planned Services

    • Video Lecturing and Web Streaming

    • VoIP

    • Distributed Content Servers: Knowledge Repositories

    • Resource Sharing

    • Automated Transactions

    • Connectivity to International Research Networks

Digital library
Digital Library

  • Mission

    • To build and strengthen the research culture in Pakistan.

    • Integrate Digital Library usage into the educational and research process

  • INASP negotiated licenses and access with the publishers

  • 17000+ research Journals can also be access through PERN

  • Available Resources

  • University Resources

    • AMS

    • ACS

    • APS

    • AAPT

    • ASM

    • ACM

    • ASCE

    • ASAE

    • OSA

    • AIP

    • ASME

  • PERI Resources

    • Springer Link

    • Blackwell Synergy

    • Ebscohost

    • Royal Society of Chemistry

    • Bentham Science

    • Mary Ann Liebert

    • Oxford University Press

    • Palgrave Macmillan

    • ISI Web of Knowledge

    • Elsevier Science Direct

    • British Library

Pern development forum
PERN Development Forum

  • Mission

    • To develop PERN into a world class Education and Research Network for collaboration of Pakistani Universities and Research Institutions amongst themselves and with researchers around the world.

  • PERN Development Forum Working Groups

    • Live Applications

    • Networking Issues

    • Knowledge Repositories

    • National Cache

    • Open Source Implementation

    • Technical Support

    • PERN Website

    • Shared Applications

Pern upgradation projects
PERN Upgradation Projects

  • PERN Core Upgradation

    • The project is designed to increase the Bandwidth (core) up to E3 level and Increase the number of PoPs (Core Nodes) from 3 to 9 for PERN connected universities.

    • Capital Cost of project

      • Total Rs. 250.679 Million

    • Annual Recurring expenditure after completion

      • Total Rs. 46.2 Million

  • Last Mile PERN Connectivity of Universities (Extension to PERN)

    • To provide PERN connectivity to more universities to give our students, faculty members, administration the fully automated environment by using modern Information & Communication technologies.

    • Capital Cost of project

      • Total Rs. 174.902 Million

    • Annual Recurring expenditure after completion

      • Total Rs. 31.382 Million

Video conferencing
Video Conferencing

  • PERN is a infrastructure to conduct the distance learning programs.

  • HEC has funded Rs. 196 Million to purchase and setup the Video Conferencing equipment at 56 public sector universities and higher learning institutions.

  • This service will be augmented with two MCUs, one at each northern and southern regions of the country.

Other activities across pakistan
Other Activities across Pakistan

  • Collaboration with CERN and SLAC on GRID Technology

  • Research on GRID Architecture

  • Software development for GRID Applications

  • CMS Production

  • Development of Urdu Language Software Extendable to Regional Language

  • Open Source Software Initiatives

  • E-Governance Program

  • IT Infrastructure in Colleges/Polytechnics

  • IT Programs for Provincial, District and City Governments

  • Industrial Information Network (IIN)

  • Initiatives for Promotion of Local Software Industry

Pern apan

  • PERN is a Primary Member of APAN

  • Need of Physical connectivity between PERN and APAN

  • Connectivity can be setup through any APAN Member Country

  • To Carry out Collaborative research with the Universities and Higher learning institutions of APAN members countries


  • Pakistan has a strong telecommunication and networking infrastructure for educational research needs.

  • Linkage to APAN consortium will help both in contributing to the common cause of promoting education and research in the region.