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Success in Publishing. Preparing Future Faculty – March 7, 2012. Publishing Your Research as Students. Conducting Research Know the top journals and presses in your field

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Success in publishing

Success in Publishing

Preparing Future Faculty – March 7, 2012

Publishing your research as students
Publishing Your Research as Students

  • Conducting Research

    • Know the top journals and presses in your field

      • What kind of research do those journals and presses tend to publish? What methods are theories are the editors partial to? How is the venue regarded in the field?

  • Identifying your areas of interest

    • Be broad in awareness and content mastery

      • What are your specific areas of interests, and what are their correlates?

  • Developing your scholarly profile

    • Articulate and affirm your role as a scholar/teacher

      • What are the expectations in your field? How can you best position yourself for a post-doc or for the job market?

Publishing your dissertation
Publishing Your Dissertation

  • The best dissertations as future books

    • Explore engaging topics

    • Show unparalleled awareness and offer incomparable analyses of current scholarship

    • “Deepen or clarify a new direction in scholarship”

    • “Correct a misconception in a debate”

    • “Reframe a debate on alternative, new terms” (Shinn)

  • Writing to Finish vs Writing to Publish: What’s the difference?

    • Scope

    • Style

  • Revising the dissertation: What’s the best option?

    • For book chapters or articles

    • For a monograph or scholarly book

Student faculty publications
Student/Faculty Publications

  • Develop meaningful professional relationships with faculty mentors

    • Read their publications

    • Talk to them about the research process

    • Alert them that you are interested in publishing

    • Accept assignments that might lead to a publication

    • Read broadly

    • Inquire about being a second author

    • Understand the politics of co-authored publications

Publishing your research as junior faculty
Publishing Your Research as Junior Faculty

  • Publishing while teaching

    • Develop good scholarly habits

    • Be self-disciplined

    • Join/Start a writing/research/reading group

    • Nurture the teaching/scholarship exchange

  • Promotion and tenure criteria

    • Ask for these before accepting a job offer

      • Number of publications required

      • “Quality” of publications expectations

    • Find a mentor

    • Plan ahead

E journals vs conventional publishing
E-journals vs Conventional Publishing

  • Know what’s acceptable in your field, by your school

  • Know where the cutting-edge scholarship is being published

  • Be able to defend your choice to publish in an e-journal

To thine own self be true
“To Thine Own Self Be True”

  • The life of the mind

  • The life of the scholar

  • Scholarship that matters

    • Animate the classroom

    • Solve problems