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Dear Mom and Dad,

Dear Mom and Dad,

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Dear Mom and Dad,

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  1. Dear Mom and Dad, I am having an amazing time in Athens. I am currently at the Acropolis, which is an incredible monument to see. The Acropolis is located on a hill called "Sacred Rock" of Athens. This building took 2,500 years to build! I learned that it has 525 sculptures on the outside of the roof and I counted 17 columns on each side of the Acropolis. The tour guide said it is 60 feet high and 110 feet wide. Another cool fact is it has a 30 feet tall statue of Athena. The word Acropolis comes from two Greek words, edge and city. I told you I would learn stuff from my trip. I am sad to be leaving here soon. Love your son,  Jared

  2. Dear Sammy and Noah I am at the Agora as you can see in the picture in the front of postcard. This is a marketplace where I can buy many things. Here they sell wooden furniture, and other things for the house. Many of the items come from Egypt, through trading on buying them. To buy anything here you have to use coins. The coins were used as far back as 600 B.C. I noticed that the Agora is located in the middle of the Athenian city. This marketplace was not only where they sold items, but they also discussed business, politics, current events, and daily news here. It is a really great place to hang out. Maybe you guys can come next time I go to Athens you should come with me. Love your older brother,  Jared

  3. Dear Ellen and Bill, I thought since, you are a teacher you might want to hear about my trip to Athens and hear about their education. Before going to school, the kid’s parents would teach them how to take care of the house. It’s like learning how to do chores. Then when they turn 6 years old or 7, kids in Athens start their education. They would go to school until they were 18 years old. Then they would start their military training, for two years. Once they finish military training, the lucky ones who are wealthy can go back to school for further education. Thankfully in the United States we kids don’t have to go to military training that would be harsh. Hope to see you soon. Love,  Jared

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