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Reading Street
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Reading Street

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  1. Reading Street Unit 4 Week 4

  2. What is changing in our world? How can a surprise be a treasure? What treasures can we create? What treasures can we find in the earth? How can we share special days? What treasures can we share at home? What treasures can we share with neighbors?

  3. Day 1 Morning Warm Up! It’s nice to share special days with others. Once I took my sister to a festival. We found good things to eat. How can we share special days?

  4. Amazing Words delightfulfestivesymbolmemoryerrandsfiestaordinary refreshments

  5. Oral Vocabulary: Share Literature Festive Times A holiday is coming up, A special day to share. What a festive time we’ll have. Good cheer is in the air. So delightful, so much fun, Each symbol, treat, and song. Holidays are festive times We wait for all year long.

  6. Phonemic Awareness:Substitute Initial Phonemes n i t night Change the “n” to “l” and say a new word. l i t light Change the “l” to “m” and say a new word. m i t might Change the “m” to “s” and say a new word. s i t sight Change the “s” to “t” and say a new word. t i t tight Change the “t” to “r” and say a new word. r i t right Change the “r” to “fr” and say a new word. fr i t fright Change the “fr” to “br” and say a new word. br i t bright Change the “br” to “sl” and say a new word. sl i t slight Change the “sl” to “fl” and say a new word. fl i t flight

  7. PhonicsWord Work: Long o: oa, ow What do you know about reading this word? Today we will learn about words with the long /i/ sound spelled ie and igh. like The ie in this word stands for the long /i/ sound. This is how you blend this word: /l/i/, lie. lie light The igh in this word stands for /i/. This is how to blend this word: /l/ /i/ /t/. f l i t flight th i thigh t i tie n i t night t r i d tried

  8. Can you blend these words? fight sigh pie bright high flies might tight Build Words pie lie Change the “p” to “l”. What is the new word? Change the “ie” to “ight”. What is the new word? light Change the “l” to “r”. What is the new word? right Add “f” before “r”. What is the new word? fright

  9. Model Blending Word Families I can blend by saying the sound before the vowel, /t/, and then saying the rest of the sound together, -ight. Then I blend both parts together: /t/ ight, tight. tight Blend these words the same way and put them in the correct column. sigh bright flies flight thigh skies sight -igh -ight -ies sigh bright flies thigh flight skies sight

  10. Check Word Reading Long i: ie, igh bright die tried thigh delight nine high vie bite stride squirt tie night twirl slight

  11. Word Wall Words are look out there under Hide and Seek: What is the purpose of the game? Which hiding places were not right? Why? Apply Phonics: PracticePoint to a word in the story that has long /i/ spelled .”ie” or “igh”. What is the word? sight tight lie high might light night ie igh sight light lie tight night high might

  12. Build Background -Develop Concepts Let’s Talk AboutTreasures to Share Tell me about what you see here. What holiday are all these children celebrating? How can you tell? Tell me about the colorful lights in the background. Why do you think fireworks displays take place when it is dark? Go to next slide.

  13. Build Background -Develop Concepts Let’s Talk AboutTreasures to Share Use the word “symbol” to tell me why you think the children on the beach are wearing red, white, and blue clothing. Do you think the fireworks are festive? Why? Point to the children who look like they are having a delightful time. What makes you think this?

  14. Build Background -Develop Concepts Let’s Talk AboutTreasures to Share How can we share special days? What special day might most of these children be celebrating? In what way are the children celebrating? Let’s find some special days on this calendar.

  15. Daily Fix-It The brite light lit up the sky? my mom mite make cake.

  16. Daily Fix-It The brite light lit up the sky? The bright light lit up the sky. mymom mite make cake. My mom might make cake.

  17. Shared Writing: Write Poster Remember: You will be writing about real life experiences.

  18. Grammar: Teach/Model Verbs That Add -s Practice: What kind of story do you like best? What kind of weather do you least like? What kind of movie do you like best?

  19. Wrap Up Your Day! Long i; igh, ie light What letters make the long /i/ sound in light? lie What letters make the long /i/ sound in lie? tie bright Let’s name other words with long /i/ spelled igh or ie. How is “A Family Thanksgiving” a realistic fiction story ? How might you change it to make it a fantasy? How did the Smith family share Thanksgiving?

  20. Day 2 Morning Warm Up! Today we will read about a young boy who helps Miss Nancy, an older lady, find her memory. What memories have your parents or grandparents shared with you?

  21. Amazing Words delightfulfestivesymbol memoryerrandsfiestaordinary refreshments

  22. Phonemic Awareness: Segment Phonemes We just read about Wilfred. At first he didn’t know what a memory is. Listen to the sounds in know. /n/ /o/ know How many sounds do you hear? The word know has four letters, but only two sounds. n o k knock wrap r a p knee n e right r i t r i s t wrist n i t knit

  23. Word WorkTeach/Model Nice begins with /n/. Ran begins with /r/. Today we will learn about other letters that stand for the /n/ and /r/ at the beginning of a word or syllable. knit wrap When a word begins with kn or wr the k or w is silent. Kn stands for /n/ and wr stands for /r/. n i t knit r a p wrap knife n i f r e th wreath n o know n e knee r i t right Blend these words: wrong knock wrist knot wreck kneel

  24. Sort Words wring knelt wren wrist know knife wrote knob kn wr knelt wring know wren knife wrist knob wrote

  25. Check Word ReadingThree-letter Blends knack wrap written knock wide knives show wrapper know what wrong king thick wrist kit

  26. Spelling: Practice Long o: oa, ow (Click to Check Dictation) The bright stars shine high above me. I might make a pie Sunday night. Dad’s silly tie made me laugh. The light switch is on your right.

  27. Word Wall Words how looks many put they what What special day is the class celebrating? How do the children celebrate the day? Point to a word in the story that begins with “kn” or “wr”. What is the word? How do you know how to pronounce these words? Let’s list some kn and wr words from this story. knife knit knots knows wreath wrote

  28. Words to Read Read the Words All eight of us looked at the moonabove us. It looked close enough to touch. This night was going to be fun. We began to laugh. Genre: Realistic Fiction Realistic fiction stories are made-up stories, but they tell about events that seem real. Next, you will read about a special celebration.

  29. Interactive Writing WriteList Song: Festive Times What sound do you hear at the beginning of the word “turkey”? What letter stands for that sound? What consonant sound do you hear in the middle of the word “turkey”? What letter stands for that sound? Things We Need for Thanksgiving turkey stuffing mashed potatoes gravy

  30. Daily Fix-It mom made apple pye. A brite light came from the moon/

  31. Daily Fix-It mom made apple pye. Mom made apple pie. A brite light came from the moon? A brightlight came from the moon.

  32. Grammar Develop the Concept:Adjectives for What Kind cold lemonade Name the adjective that tells what kind of lemonade. bright light Name the adjective that tells what kind of light. happy face Name the adjective that tells what kind of face. Adjectives can tell about what kind. What adjective could describe the kind of weather we are having today? This is a happy face. “Happy” is an adjective describing what kind of face. The adjective “happy” goes before the noun “face”. Can you think of an adjective to describe these faces?

  33. Speaking and Listening Summarize Information • I read an interesting book the other day. It was about a young girl’s family reunion. I always enjoy reading about family traditions. This book gave a lot of information about this family’s history and their yearly family reunion during the summer. • I think you would enjoy hearing about the fun games that are played each summer at this family’s reunion. You may want to share your feelings about a book you have read recently.

  34. Wrap Up Your Day! Look for the high-frequency words in these sentences: The moon was high above me in the sky. I felt like I could reach out and touch the moonlight. moon above touch _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Can you identify the sounds for “kn” and “wr”? Let’s name other “kn” and “wr” words. know write knife knit knee wrap wren wrong Let’s Talk About It Recall the song: “Festive Times” What festive time did they did they celebrate?

  35. Day 3 Morning Warm Up! Today we will read about Moon Festival. Children celebrate the bright moon. The moon’s light is high in the sky. How might the children celebrate Moon Festival?

  36. Amazing Words delightfulfestivesymbol memory errandsfiestaordinary refreshments

  37. Teach/ModelLong i: ie, igh and kn/n, wr/r You can read this word because you know that igh can stand for the Long i sound. What’s the word? fright You know how to read this word because you know that wr stands for the /r/ sound . What is this word? wrapper When you come to a new word look at all the letters in the word and think about their sounds. See whether any letter pairs stand for only one sound. Say the sounds to yourself and then read the word. Watch me say these words: fright tie wrapper knit When you come to a new word, what are you going to do? Let’s read these words together. fries daylight knock wrong flight

  38. Word Reading: Phonics Songs and Rhymes Chart 21 Night Sights Fireworks light the night. I’ve never known a prettier sight. I tap my knee as the music starts to play. I love Independence Day. There’s a big wreath of light. It’s so beautiful and bright. For a moment it seems frozen way up high, Then the lights all fade and die. I’d be sad, but I know, Next year there’s another show. Every year we celebrate our country’s birth. It’s the greatest night on earth. Frame each of the following words on the Phonics Songs and Rhymes Chart light night sight bright known knee high die know wreath

  39. Build Background Who is the lady in the moon? Sometimes people celebrate special days in the same way. Other times they celebrate in different ways. The children in the story we are about to read celebrate the moon.

  40. Build Background

  41. Vocabluary: Selection Words

  42. Word Reading Check High-Frequency Words above laugh touch eight moon oh out does their our

  43. Skill Realism and Fantasy • As you read, notice things in the story that real people say and do. • Ask yourself if everything in the story could really happen. Strategy Monitor and Fix Up MODEL When I am confused about what is happening in a story, I think about what I don’t understand. I read on to see if I can figure out what is happening. • Is the story making sense to me? • What don’t I understand? • Did reading on help me understand what is happening?

  44. Vocabulary: Homophones The word “pear” is used on p. 107 in the story The Lady in the Moon. What does this word mean? Pair, spelled p-a-i-r, means a couple. For example, a pair of mittens means that there are two mittens. There are many other words that sound the same but have different meanings. road - a way to go between places rode – I rode my bicycle to school. ate –chewed or swallowed food eight –one more than seven; written: 8 blue – the color of the clear sky during the day blew – moved air quickly cent –smallest amount of money in the United States sent – made things or people go from one place to another sun – a hot ball of gases in the sky son – a male child

  45. Daily Fix-It 5. Da moon was rite above the house. Hers climbed hi in the tree.

  46. Daily Fix-It 5. Da moon was rite above the house. The moon was right above the house. Hers climbed hi in the tree. She climbed high in the tree.

  47. Writing Trait of the Week:IntroduceVoice Voice shows how a writer feels about a topic. How does the author feel about the Moon Festival? The author says, “ Oh, what a show!” The word “Oh” and the exclamation mark tell me she is excited about the Moon Festival. How do you think the children in the selection feel about the festival? Let me read the sentences they might write about. We sing songs. We light lanterns. These sentences tell us what the children do during the Moon Festival, not how they feel about it. How can they show their feelings in their sentences? Let’s think of words the children might use to show how they feel about the festival. happy excited ready busy beautiful eager Let’s read some new sentences that show the children’s voice. Moon Festival is a happy time for us. We love the beautiful, bright lanterns. Go to next slide.

  48. Writing Trait of the Week:IntroduceVoice Read the groups of sentences below. Draw a line under the sentence that tells how the writer feels. Grandma gave me a cap. This cap is so cute! I love hot, cheese pizza. We eat pizza. David lives on my block. David makes me laugh. Think about your favorite holiday. Name some words that show why you like this holiday. Then read some words I wrote. fun wonderful tasty bright noisy exciting When you write sentences about your favorite holiday, be sure and use words that tell how you feel about that holiday.

  49. Grammar: Apply to Writing – Adjectives for What Kind In the story, “The Lady in the Moon”, the author used the adjective “fall” to describe the kind of night it was. Lets think of adjectives to describe a kind of celebration, treat, or night. celebration treat night happy delicious fall yummy joyful starry noisy sweet frosty Maybe you can think of other adjectives for each list.

  50. Wrap Up Your Day! Why do you know “The Lady in the Moon” is a realistic fiction story? Recall some places in the story where you found reading on to be helpful in understanding the story better? Look at the calendar. What are some of the celebrations that occur during this month?