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  1. Security guard Training Ingenious Training Academy

  2. DEFINITION OF SECURITY “A condition of being protected from harm, injury, danger, losses, criminals, threats, risks, etc.” Everything U want nothing U don’t

  3. Why training for SECURITY guards " Security Guards are an integral part of civil security today. With unpredictable situations, the guards are required to gain some basic knowledge on how to react in emergency situations. Additionally, different sectors require guards to behave and react accordingly. Ingenious Training Academy will create aware, educated and trained security moulded to the sector's needs" Everything U want nothing U don’t

  4. What ingenious offer For security guards Everything U want nothing U don’t

  5. The topics are 1.Ethics & Qualities Of Security Guards 2. Art of communication skills 3.Body Language 4.Patroling & Access Control Training 5. How to Maintain Good Physic 6. Power OF Patience 7. Behavioural Etiquette 8.Emergency Planing 9. Fire Safety Training 10.Behavioural Training

  6. FIRE SAFETY TRAINING Everything U want nothing U don’t

  7. FIRE SAFETY TRAINING Fire safety training is important, not only because it is mandated by governments for schools and offices, but also because the training will make them better prepared in case the worst happens. Fires are unpredictable at best, with over 60% being caused by accidents. No matter how good a person’s instincts are, it can only do so much, and the knowledge that individuals can pick up from fire safety training can literally save their lives. Everything U want nothing U don’t

  8. ACCESS CONTROL training Access control is the ability to permit or deny • Access control programs are instituted to: • Permit or deny entry to or presence in a given place • Increase or reduce the rate or density of movement to, from, or within a defined place. • Protect persons, materials, and information from unauthorized observation or removal. Everything U want nothing U don’t

  9. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONStraining For Security Guards communication is the most important tool, because Communication is process of conveying information from a sender to receiver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understood the same way by both sender and receiver Everything U want nothing U don’t

  10. EMERGENCY PLANNING training An emergency is a situation which poses immediate risk to health, life, property, and environment. Emergency planning will highlight the types of emergencies which the organization likely to encounter and the emergency management team may have to take counter measures or require them to consider in advance for preventing or minimizing its adverse effects. Everything U want nothing U don’t

  11. SECURITY AND PROTECTION AWARENESS training Security awareness is a state of mind when you are conscious of an existing security program and its relevance to your behavior as well as the effect of your behaviouron reducing the security risks. Everything U want nothing U don’t

  12. Patrolling Training The act of moving about an area especially by an authorized and trained person or group, for purposes of observation, inspection, or security Everything U want nothing U don’t

  13. Behavioural Training Behavioural skills deals with how you interact within your own organisation and with other members of the human resource to include external individuals that involves your organisational work Everything U want nothing U don’t

  14. Ingenious Certified Security Guard Certificate of Training Has Fully completed the training requirements of Fire Safety/Emergency Management/ Behavioural Skills/Patrolling @________________ A.R.Rajagopalan Founder & Director

  15. We train Not strain Whether you have a new team of Security Guards that requires initial training or experienced Guards who require further skill enhancement, we will work in partnership with you so that your objectives are delivered in the most effective manner to ensure that the skills and behaviours you need from your team become a reality. Ingenious Training Academy Everything U want nothing U don’t

  16. Thanks for your Time “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard But you’ll be hard to Beat Ingenious Training Academy Everything U want nothing U don’t