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What is TAFEcat ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is TAFEcat ?

What is TAFEcat ?

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What is TAFEcat ?

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  1. Miller College LibraryHow to find the information you need : using the TAFE catalogue (TAFEcat), library signs and shelf numbers

  2. What is TAFEcat? • TAFE cat is TAFE libraries’ catalogue • •It is available online–and can be accessed anywhere via the internet, so at work, home or in your TAFE library • •When you are searching you can look at all the items (regardless of type, for example, book or DVD) held by every TAFE library in NSW –or just at Miller • •It also makes available other information sources, such as, e-Books and journals • •Enables you to check your library record • •You can create and email lists of search results

  3. Where do I start? • Enter the library web site address in your internet browser : • • This will take you to the library web site • Select TAFE library catalogue

  4. Where to now? • Choose your TAFE library by clicking on its name

  5. How do I start searching? • Start with a basic “Quick Search” • Type in some words or topics that you are searching, for example, nursery rhymes • Next to library, once again choose the library you wish to search, or the search will cover all the TAFE NSW libraries

  6. Search Results –what do they mean? • The search results will appear on the screen • •They will show all the items Miller Library has on the topic you typed in • •For example, “nursery rhymes” found 38 items

  7. What do I do now? • Click on the blue “Details” button next to any title you like • •Check the format of the item, such as, DVD, book, kit, CD • •Check current availability, that is, is it on loan or on the shelf

  8. Now what? • From the item information screen • Take note of the “Holdings” information with the shelf number, for example, 693.1/KICK. This will be needed to find the items on the shelves

  9. Going to the shelves • With the “Holdings” information, you can now search the libraries’ shelves • •Look at the aisle signs to locate the correct shelf area to browse in Aisle Number Identifies the shelf number range in the aisle Identifies the subjects in each aisle

  10. How do I use the numbers to find my book? 1.Locate the first three digits on the shelves –693 –searching left to right 2.Locate any digits following the decimal point (.) -693.1.Remember that it is a decimal system, so 693.8 comes after 693.75 3.When you have located the numbers in full, then look for the letters –693.1/KICK 2 1 3

  11. How to see if it has the information you want ? • Either: • Open the book to the Contents page, at the front of the book • OR • Open the book to the Index pages, at the back of the book • Locate the information and the pages it is to be found on

  12. Borrowing - Can I take it home? • Yes, you can! • Take the items you want to take to the service desk • Present your TAFEcard and the items will be lent to you (conditions apply)

  13. Remember • Remember to take note of the Return date • Try not to return items late, as you may receive a fine • If you have any questions, please “Ask a Librarian” • Contact Miller TAFE Library on 9825 7414