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Social Protection Policy

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Social Protection Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Protection Policy. Third Caribbean Workshop on Social Protection and International Cooperation Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN) September 26-27, 2013 Hilton Hotel, Barbados. Elbert N. Ellis Operations Officer, Social Analyst

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social protection policy

Social Protection Policy

Third Caribbean Workshop

on Social Protection and International Cooperation

Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN)

September 26-27, 2013

Hilton Hotel, Barbados

Elbert N. Ellis

Operations Officer, Social Analyst

Social Sector Division, Caribbean Development Bank

September 26, 2013

Presented by:

presentation structure
Presentation Structure
  • Social Protection – CDB’s Perspective
  • Why CDB’s Interest in Social Protection?
  • CDB’s Approach to Social Protection
  • Poverty Reduction and Social Protection Policy (PRSPP)
  • Operationalising PRSPP
  • Support to Strengthen Social Protection Programme
  • Borrowing Member Countries’ (BMCs) input to Strengthen Social Protection Programmes
social protection cdb s perspective
Social ProtectionCDB’s Perspective

“All interventions from public, private, voluntary organisations and social networks, to support communities, households, and individuals, in their efforts to prevent, manage, and overcome a defined

set of risks and vulnerabilities”

  • Definition argues that:
  • Vulnerability is the critical factor threatening living standards and well-being of households and communities and a major factor in poverty and deprivation.
why cdb s interest in social protection
Why CDB’s Interest in Social Protection?



impacts on

BMCs based

on research


  • High incidence of vulnerability to macroeconomic conditions and natural hazards.
  • Social protection for human development shows large gaps in coverage.
  • Livelihood insecurity and high levels of poverty in BMCs.
  • Programme targeting is poor and instruments are missing in key areas.
  • High percentage of workers employed in the informal sector not covered by formal social protection instruments (such as social insurance or pensions plans).
why cdb s interest in social protection cont d
Why CDB’s Interest in Social Protection (cont’d.)

Levels of poverty and inequality are critical

vulnerabilities in BMCs.

  • Low human capital base (low levels of education and skills).
  • Poor housing conditions with issues of overcrowding.
  • Limited access to
  • potable water.
  • High incidence of malnutrition among children in poor households.
  • Increasing incidence of the working poor.
  • High levels of employment in informal sector.

Profile of the Poor

Profile of the Poor

bank s approach to social p rotection
Bank’s Approach to Social Protection

CDB’s Poverty Reduction and Social Protection Policy (PRSPP)

cdb s prspp

Social Protection will be incorporated into the Bank’s Poverty Reduction Policy building on the strategic levers of Capability Enhancement, Vulnerability Reduction and Good Governance.

  • Strengthening social protection systems intended to reduce the adverse vulnerability impact on growth and development
  • Targeting social protection programmes.
  • Strengthening evidence-based social protection; data analysis, discussion and dissemination.


  • Reducing vulnerability to natural hazards and improving mitigation.
  • Enhancing monitoring and evaluation.
  • Strengthening Managing for Development Results (MfDR) Framework.
  • Sustaining development partnerships for social development financing.
operationalisation of prspp
Operationalisation of PRSPP



Central Beneficiaries Registry and MIS

Capital Projects


Within MfDR Framework



Social Policy Framework




Climate Change

Disaster Risk Management

CDB’s SP Policy



borrowing member input to support prspp
Borrowing Member Input to support PRSPP
  • Comments on proposed PRSPP.
  • Priority areas for CDB’s support.
  • Institutional capacity to implement social protection interventions.
  • Status of good governance framework.
  • Socio-political context for development.

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