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Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo
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Frida Kahlo

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  1. Frida Kahlo 1907 –1954

  2. Self Portrait wearing a velvet dress 1926 Self Portrait – oil on canvas (31 x 23 cms ) This self portrait is Kahlo’s first serious work It was painted as a gift for her student Boyfriend who had left her and she hoped to win him back. The aristocratic pose reflects Kahlo’s interest in the painting of the Italian Renaissance , while the elongation of the neck recalls the work of Parmigianino and Modigliani.

  3. Self Portrait with monkey 1938 Oil on masonite (40.1cm x 30 cm ) In Mexican mythology the monkey is the patron of dance , but also a symbol of lust . Here however , the artist portrays the animal in such a way that it becomes the only truly living, tender and soulful being, its arm placed protectively around her neck.

  4. Self portrait 1940 Self portrait dedicated to Dr Eloesser . On the banderole at the bottom , the dedication reads “ I painted my portrait in the year 1940 For Doctor Leo, my doctor and my best friend. With al love. Frida Kahlo.”

  5. Self Portrait as a Tehuna or Diego in my thoughts or Thinking of Diego 1943 The portrait of Rivera on her brow in dictates Kahlo’s obsessive love for the fresco painter He is constantly in her thoughts. She is Wearing the Tehuna costume which Rivera loved so much. It comes form a region in southwest Mexico in which matriarchal Traditions survive even today, and whose economic structure reflects the dominant role Of women. The roots of the leaves which she Wears in her hair suggest the pattern of a spider’s web in which she seeks to trap her prey - Diego

  6. Portrait of Dona Rosita Morilla 1944 One of the patrons who from time to time Commissioned work from the artist was the cultivation engineer Eduardo Morillo Safa, Who was employed by the diplomatic Service. He purchased some thirty paintings From Kahlo over the years and commissioned her to paint no less than five members of his Family-amongst them his mother. This is one of Kahlo’s favourite pictures