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SEARCH & DISPLAY GENERATE HIGH QUALITY LEADS ONLINE. Presented By Matt Stormoen - Pure Focus | 310.341.2100 | Agenda. Traditional VS. New Marketing Why SEM & Display What Is Search Engine Marketing Marketing Goals, Keywords, Ad Copy

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Presentation Transcript
search display generate high quality leads online


Presented By Matt Stormoen - Pure Focus | 310.341.2100 |

  • Traditional VS. New Marketing
  • Why SEM & Display
  • What Is Search Engine Marketing
    • Marketing Goals, Keywords, Ad Copy
  • What Is Display Advertising
    • Contextual, Placement Targeting, and Remarketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Budgets & Bids
  • Analyze, Monitor, Measure
traditional marketing
Traditional Marketing

- Print

- TV

- Radio

- PR

- Events

- Direct Mail

  • 86% Skip TV ads
  • 44% of Direct Mail is never opened
  • 91% Unsubscribe
  • 200m say Do Not Call

*Hubspot State Of Marketing 2012

new marketing
New Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click
  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • Social
  • Video
  • Email
connected world
Connected World

73% of New Website Visitors Start with Search Engines

2012 Internet Users 2.1 Billion representing 75.6% of the North American Population (hubspot)

300 Million Websites Added in 2011

why ppc display
Why PPC & Display

Quick Start / Instant Access

Attract Millions

Easy, Flexible, Customizable

Specific Communication

Accountability – Track ROI

the state of search
The State Of Search
  • SEM Delivers Low Cost Leads
  • More Dollars Shifting To SEM
  • Increasing Interest In Display

Q4 2011 vs Q4 2010

  • Paid Search Spend Increased 35%
  • Click Volume Increased 56%
  • CTR Increased 23%
where do b2b buyers get information
Where do B2B buyers Get Information

37% Catalogs

35% Seminars

39% Tradeshows

41% Trade groups

71% Internet

* Google & Compete October 2011

follow the money
Follow the Money

85% of 2012’s total online ad spend will go to search and display

sem pay per click
SEM – Pay Per Click

“Pay Per Click is an Internet advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content sites, such as blogs, in which advertisers pay only when their ad is clicked.”


get found setup process
GET FOUND. Setup Process

Determine Your Marketing Goals

Research and Select Keywords

Design and Create Ads

Select and Optimize Landing Pages

Set Budget and Bids

Install Tracking Codes

Monitor and Measure Results

Adjust and Optimize as needed

get found marketing goals
GET FOUND. Marketing Goals
  • Budget Allocation
  • Average Lifetime Customer Value
  • Cost Per Acquisition / Lead
  • Brand Authority & Recall
  • Define Conversion Events:
    • Subscribe to Newsletter
    • Fill Out a Form
    • Visit a Specific Page
    • Download a White Paper
get found picture your customer
GET FOUND. Picture Your Customer

Words and phrases they use to search online

Type of devices they use to browse the web

Favorite websites

Geographical location

Preferred Contact Method (email, call, or submit a form)

get found campaign objectives
GET FOUND. Campaign Objectives

To drive high volume of desired actions (fill in the blank) at an efficient cost-per-acquisition

To secure new (leads, sales, sign-ups, etc…) for less than $x.xx

To determine which keywords, placements, and categories result in the highest ROI

get found what are keywords
GET FOUND. What Are Keywords?

A Word or Phrase that people

would employ to locate

information on products, services,

or topics they are interested in

learning more about.

get found keyword example
GET FOUND. Keyword Example

Example: Jim is interested in purchasing new golf shoes. He visits a search engine and enters the keyword “Golf Shoes”.

get found keyword example1
GET FOUND. Keyword Example

Example: Jim is interested in purchasing new golf shoes. He visits a search engine and enters the keyword “Golf Shoes”.

  • Men’s Golf Shoes
  • Soft Spike Golf Shoes
  • Nike Golf Shoes
  • Discount Men’s Golf Shoes
get found keyword analysis
GET FOUND. Keyword Analysis
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Average CPC
  • Estimated Monthly Investment
  • Advertiser Competition
  • Estimate Ad Position
get found selecting keywords
GET FOUND. Selecting Keywords
  • Specific Keywords Perform Better
  • Include Company Brand as Keyword
  • Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool (Free)

Word Tracker (Paid)

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Tool

  • Tip: Use Zip Codes, City, State for location based products
  • Common Mistake: Going too Broad
inform elements of an ad
INFORM. Elements Of An Ad
  • 25 characters for the headline
  • 35 characters per text row
  • 4 rows per ad (destination URL included)
inform design and create ads
INFORM. Design and Create Ads

Include a call to action

Include keywords

Include information to discourage bad clicks

Review competitor ads and then differentiate

Know the editorial guidelines and restrictions

Common Mistake: Leaving Keyword out of the Ad

inform ad copy is important
INFORM. Ad Copy Is Important

Ad copy prepares the customer

Set’s expectations

Encourages or discourages action (click)

Good Ads = Lower Cost Per Click

Stronger CTR means lower bids to reach same ad position

inform good ad copy
INFORM. Good Ad Copy
  • Focus on benefits
  • What’s in it for them
  • Conversational Tone
  • Not used to ‘sell’ your product
  • Revise & Test
sem display
SEM – Display

“Display advertising appears on web pages in many forms, including web banners. These banners can consist of static or animated images, as well as interactive media that may include audio or video elements.” “Display advertising on the internet is widely used for branding”


get found display advertising options
GET FOUND. Display Advertising Options

Contextual Targeting

Targeting an individual based on a subject of particular interest to them; displaying ads on sites related specifically to the content the individual is viewing on a webpage.

Placement Targeting

Allows advertisers to choose specific ad placements (websites, feeds, mobile) where they’d like their ads to appear.


Observing consumers behaviors while they are visiting your website and then targeting messages to those consumers after they leave your site based on whether or not they completed a desired action.

get found contextual targeting
GET FOUND. Contextual Targeting

Keyword Theme Driven Matching

Words on a page

Frequency of words


Page structure

get found contextual targeting1
GET FOUND. Contextual Targeting

When To Use

Building Brand Awareness

High Level Of Impressions

Low Click Thru Rate

Identify New Placements

get found placement targeting
GET FOUND. Placement Targeting

Advertiser selected sites

Greater control over location of ads

Higher quality traffic

Higher conversion rates

get found placement targeting1
GET FOUND. Placement Targeting

Identify Placement Type

Site, Video, Feed, Mobile, etc

Placement Location

Words or Phrases, Sites of Interest, or select a category related to your products or services

Review Results

Click through to see the sites listed in the results to review potential placements

get found doubleclick ad planner1
GET FOUND. DoubleClick Ad Planner

77K Unique Visitors

10K-100K Impressions/Day

100% Male Audience

72% Between 35-44 Years Old

68% Some College, 32% Bachelors Degree

get found placement targeting2
GET FOUND. Placement Targeting

When To Use:

Specific Sites Tailored To Your Audience

High Performing Contextual Sites

Managing Bids On “Site” Level

get found remarketing
GET FOUND. Remarketing

Have An Interest In Your Products

Have Visited Your Site

Cookie / Pixel Based

Increases Authority & Brand

get found remarketing1
GET FOUND. Remarketing

Determine Your Goals

Build Your Audience List

Pages Visited

Products Viewed

Actions Performed

Define Duration

get found remarketing6
GET FOUND. Remarketing
  • Easy to implement
  • Can significantly increase ROI
  • Segment audience by behavior & actions
  • Define duration of remarketing
  • Specials & discounts to encourage action
convert landing pages
CONVERT. Landing Pages

Use Action Oriented Language

Gain Trust

Demonstrate Value

Clarity over Creativity


Encourage Visitors to Take a Specific Action.

convert bad landing pages
CONVERT. Bad Landing Pages

Make customers keep searching – provide answers

Use the same landing pages for all keywords

Give the customer too many choices

Common Mistake: All ads go to the sites homepage

convert landing pages3
CONVERT. Landing Pages

Good Landing Pages Will:

Generate More Leads, Sales, Business.

Keep Your Visitors Happy

Cut Advertising Costs

Increase Conversion Rates

analyze budgets
ANALYZE. Budgets

Budgets Apply to an entire campaign

Determines how often your ads are eligible to be shown (exposure)

Prioritize & allocate Investment

Higher budgets for best performing keywords & placements

analyze bids


Determine ad position

Can manage at keyword level

Control click costs


Determine ad location

Can be managed at site level

Primarily used for Branding (impressions)

analyze considerations
ANALYZE. Considerations

% of clicks that become registrants

% of registrants that become leads

% of leads that become high-quality leads

% high-quality leads that become customers

analyze conversion tracking
ANALYZE. Conversion Tracking
  • Common Mistake: Not using it
  • Define conversion event for your site:

Completed Sale

Signed up for Newsletter

Submitted Request for Information

Viewed Specific Page

  • Insert tracking code on appropriate page
  • More than one type allowed
  • Consider Google Analytics for more detailed reporting
analyze monitor and measure results
ANALYZE. Monitor and Measure Results

Adjust to maintain a comfortable ROI

Some conversions may not be tracked

Value gained without an immediate conversion

Know your ROI metrics

Common Mistake:

Don’t know what a conversion is worth

sem benefits
SEM Benefits

Over 2 Billion Searches per day on Google Alone.

Specific Targeting

Geographic Targeting

Cost Control

Immediate Results

Fast Testing

display benefits
Display Benefits

Brand Development

Reach & Frequency

Contextual Targeting

Placement Targeting


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