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Counseling and Honors PowerPoint Presentation
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Counseling and Honors

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Counseling and Honors
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Counseling and Honors

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  1. Counseling and Honors

  2. Karen Nosbusch Who is our Counselor? Amanda Vega de Garcia Student Services Technician Parents of students new to the district need to see Mrs. Vega de Garcia to enroll.

  3. What do counselors do? • Personal, social, and academic problems • Parent conferences • Promotion status • Community referrals • Crisis intervention • Classroom guidance lessons • Extended Learning Time (ELT), no sign up necessary, just attend • Information on CJSF, School Service Award, and Academic Talent Search

  4. California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) • Free statewide honors club • Qualified students apply each trimester • Any 2 trimesters during 7th grade and first 2 trimesters during 8th grade are required • What’s the benefit? • Intro to high school level of CSF which helps with college applications and leadership opportunities • Recognition in promotion ceremony program

  5. School Service Award(CJSF with Distinction Award for CJSF members) • 20 hours of school service required • Recycling program, Esperanza birthday club, ELT tutoring, music tutoring • Students get the applications from their counselor, Ms. Nosbusch

  6. Grades Online • Sign up for grades onlinenow and your login will rollover from year to year. If you need help, please contact Mrs. Nosbusch. • Students will need access to grades online to track their progress (with their own email address and password or they can use a parent’s email address and password)

  7. Honors *7th grade – Heterogeneous (Lessons are differentiated) *8th grade – Honors and/or heterogeneous Through the honors component student expand their skills as critical thinkers, writers, and in-depth readers.

  8. Is Honors More Work? • Absolutely! And valuable, relevant work • Rigorous and demanding curriculum for all • World History, Biological Sciences, PreAlgebra, English (focus on essay and information writing) • The additional Honors projects, classwork, and assessments support the depth and complexity crucial to an Honors program.

  9. Who takes Honors? • Every student can choose to do honors work • Choices: 1, 2, 3 or all 4 courses...student’s choice • First two weeks of school, teachers talk to the students about the honors components. • Honors participation forms sent home for parent signature.

  10. Transitioning from Elementary to Secondary The emphasis in honors level work now shifts from student learning potential to a student’s actual academic performance.

  11. Expectations for students doing Honors work: • All work completed on time. • Satisfactory/Outstanding Work Habits and Citizenship • Strong organizational skills • Positive contributions to classroom discussions and activities • The most successful honor students are intrinsically motivated.

  12. Reading - Writing • Advanced reading skills with high interest in reading* • Advanced writing skills • Analytical writing versus creative writing • * Since honors students read at a higher level, they may choose to read material with more mature content.

  13. 7th Grade Math • All 7th grade students take Pre-Algebra • Ability levels are mixed within each class and each community • Honors level work available to all students • Special projects and challenge problems available to all students • All students have the opportunity to move to algebra in 8th grade

  14. 7th Grade 8th Grade Grade of B+ or higher Pass Standards Test Strong work habits Algebra 1 Pre - Algebra Doesn’t meet ALL three of the above Intro to Algebra

  15. Special case through testing and invitation only. 7th Grade 8th Grade Geometry Honors Grade of A or B+ AND Outstanding work habits Algebra 1 Algebra 1 (Repeat) Doesn’t meet BOTH of the above

  16. Honors Science • Creative and inquisitive minds • Ability to follow directions and work collaboratively for labs

  17. Requirements to Enter 8th Grade Honors Science • Earn an “A” grade each trimester of 7th grade • Be responsible and turn in all assignments • Be in Algebra or Geometry as an 8th grader • Have outstanding or satisfactory citizenship

  18. Questions?