nsf irnc pi meeting october 6 2011 n.
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NSF IRNC PI Meeting October 6, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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NSF IRNC PI Meeting October 6, 2011

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NSF IRNC PI Meeting October 6, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NSF IRNC PI Meeting October 6, 2011. Julio Ibarra Center for Internet Augmented Research & Assessment Florida International University. Americas Lightpaths ( AmLight ) Project Update. Outline. AmLight Connections Hybrid Networking Services OpenFlow /SDN

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Presentation Transcript
nsf irnc pi meeting october 6 2011

NSF IRNC PI MeetingOctober 6, 2011

Julio Ibarra

Center for Internet Augmented Research & Assessment

Florida International University

Americas Lightpaths (AmLight) Project Update

  • AmLight Connections
  • Hybrid Networking Services
  • OpenFlow/SDN
  • Monitoring Hybrid Network Services

Towards exponential and broad new scientific and educational uses!

amlight east
  • Miami-Sao Paulo
    • Upgrading one 10G to fully protected
  • Dynamic Circuit Provision deployed
  • pS-MP deployed
  • Deploying OpenFlow/SDN capability
  • Deploying advanced traffic monitoring and reporting system
amlight west
  • Increasing capacity to 12G between Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles to PacificWave
  • Collaboration with, CENIC, CalIT2, CUDI, and CISECE
  • Enables advanced visualization collaboration between CalIT2 and CICESE using OptiPortal system

CENIC router

Pacific Wave switch

Shared link

Dedicated link over

CENIC Optical Infrastructure

Optiputer router


CENIC switch

CUDI router

amlight central
  • Supporting UNAM participation in LHCONE
  • Exploring use of DYNES on LEARN to extend dynamic provisioning to CUDI and UNAM
amlight andes
  • Upgrading to 1G in collaboration with RedCLARA
  • Optical transport equipment delayed in Customs
  • STM-4 added as workaround to support AURA
hybrid network services
Hybrid Network Services
  • OSCARS IDC implemented on AmLight East
    • Collaboration with DYNES and DyGIR projects, RNP, FLR and Internet2
  • Dynamic circuit provisioning capability between RNP, AMPATH and Internet2 ION
  • Demonstrated dynamic provisioning at GLIF
high performance digital media network hpdmnet
High-Performance Digital Media Network (HPDMnet)

4k live streaming media demo

Amanda: amattiuz@CPqD.com.br

openflow sdn activities
OpenFlow/SDN Activities
  • Deploying OpenFlow on AmLight
    • Switch selection: Coordinating with Internet2, IU, GPO, RNP and ANSP
      • Procurement expected in December
  • Connecting AmLight to GENI and NDDI initiatives
  • Recruiting OpenFlow network engineer
  • Opportunity for international collaboration through ACE and other IRNC awardees
monitoring of hybrid network services
Monitoring of Hybrid Network Services
  • Deploying CAIDA’s Coral Reef at AMPATH
    • Data Collection and Analysis servers ordered
    • DAG cards ordered
    • Network engineer assigned
  • Working with CAIDA to adapt Coral Reef for AmLight operations environment
    • Monitoring and reporting hybrid network flows
    • Adding support for OpenFlow