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Remove Healing Abutment

LOCATOR ® Overdenture Direct Cure (chairside) Technique Version 01/2006 John Bain DDS, General Dentist Practice: Farmington, Arkansas drbain@implantsandsmiles.com. Remove Healing Abutment. Loosen With Hemostats. Healing Abutments Removed. Locator ® Attachment Packets. Locator ® Tool.

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Remove Healing Abutment

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Presentation Transcript

  1. LOCATOR®Overdenture Direct Cure (chairside) TechniqueVersion 01/2006John Bain DDS, General DentistPractice: Farmington, Arkansasdrbain@implantsandsmiles.com

  2. Remove Healing Abutment

  3. Loosen With Hemostats

  4. Healing Abutments Removed

  5. Locator® Attachment Packets

  6. Locator® Tool

  7. Seat Locator® Abutments

  8. Hand Tighten With Locator® Tool

  9. Torque Driver With Locator DriverTorque To 20 Ncm

  10. Write Down Corresponding Tooth Numbers (no window)

  11. Place White Block-Out Ring Over Abutment

  12. Place Housing Over Abutment

  13. Dispense and Mix Indicator Paste

  14. Indicator Paste Placed In Denture

  15. Inspect For Show-Through

  16. Mark With Indelible Transfer

  17. Remove Indicator Paste

  18. Relieve Marked Areas

  19. Clean Receptor Sites With Alcohol

  20. Important Note !If any portion of the Locator® abutment shows under the white Block-out Ring,cover that portion of the abutment with a flexible block-out material.

  21. Apply Bonding Agent To Receptor Sites

  22. Dry Housings

  23. Load Clear or Pink Light Cure Acrylic Gel Into Receptor Sites

  24. Paint Triad VLC Bonding Agent Onto Housings, then Brush on Light-Cured Gel

  25. Seat Denture & Confirm Proper Occlusion

  26. Light Cure Facial Of HousingsPatient Closes Lightly Into OcclusionCure incrementally (5 secs) to control heat generated

  27. Light Cure Lingual Of Housings incrementally to control heat generated

  28. Remove Denture, Inspect For Voids Fill If Necessary

  29. Final Cure – 1 minute

  30. Remove Black Processing Male

  31. Insert Retentive Male

  32. Ready For Success

  33. What if the Patient Can Flip Up the 2-implant Locator Overdenture with the Tongue? • Realize that there are ONLY 2 points of retention – the tongue most likely will always be able to lift it up. • Lingual flange extension – too short and the tongue finds it easily. • Lingual flange extension – too long and any tongue movement will lift it. • Thin the border of the Lingual Flange

  34. What if the Patient Can Flip Up the 2-implant Locator Overdenture with the Tongue? • Make a depression in the Lingual Flange midway between the border and the teeth for the tongue to rest in. • Increase Retention – The ‘clear’ Locator males are 5 lbs retention apiece. • Place acrylic button in anterior as a tongue distraction. • Add more implants and Locators.

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