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sixth grade spanish class handbook n.
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Sixth Grade Spanish Class Handbook PowerPoint Presentation
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Sixth Grade Spanish Class Handbook

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Sixth Grade Spanish Class Handbook
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Sixth Grade Spanish Class Handbook

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  1. Sixth Grade Spanish Class Handbook Señora Ehrke

  2. Agenda book open on desk with homework copied from the board. 2. Complete your warmup in the warmup section of your binder. Each class…

  3. ¡Silencio, por favor! • When I need your attention you will hear the maraca! • Eyes front! • Lips zipped!

  4. I will dismiss the class… Dismissal from Class …not the bell! Please do not get out of your seats or pack up until you are told to do so.

  5. Bring all materials to class! If you forget any materials you will be marked unprepared!

  6. ¡Levanta la mano!/Raise your hand! I have a question./ I would like to answer a question or make a relevant comment. I need to leave the room (bathroom, drink…don’t forget to signout and in). I need help with the assignment/ activity.

  7. Absent? See me when you come back to class!

  8. If you finish early… 1. Spanish Sudoku. 2. Read DEAR book.

  9. Your Spanish binder should have five sections Warmups Handouts Homework Classwork Assessments

  10. Emergencies/ Fire Drills Leave all materials on your desk and exit the room QUIETLY. Proceed outside and line up QUIETLY until you are directed to reenter the building.

  11. Need help? • After school • 2. At lunch

  12. La tarea/ Homework • Written and/or review assignment each time you have Spanish. • Due during the next class. • Incomplete homework will be completed in Brain Food during lunch for half credit.

  13. Mis esperas/My expectations • Be prompt. • Be prepared. • Be respectful. • Always try your best. • Ask for help when you do not understand something.

  14. What are we learning this year? • La ciudad/ City You will be able to explain where people are going, how they are getting there, activities they will do and how to give and ask for directions. • De compras/ Shopping You will learn about marketplaces, the types of products available for sale, and customs related to the marketplaces in Spanish-speaking countries.

  15. Acknowledgement Students and Parents: I have received and read the Handbook for Spanish class for the 2010-2011 school year. ________________________________ Student Signature ________________________________ Parent Signature Parents: Please provide an email address where I can contact you if necessary. __________________@__________________