Moving to the cloud the journey begins
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Moving to the Cloud – the journey begins. Higher Education. The Challenges Facing Higher Education Have Never Been Greater Changing Students Changing Technology Changing Regulations and Accountability Requirements Changing Funding Changing Sustainability Demands.

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Moving to the cloud the journey begins

Moving to the Cloud – the journey begins

Higher education
Higher Education

  • The Challenges Facing Higher Education Have Never Been Greater

    • Changing Students

    • Changing Technology

    • Changing Regulations and Accountability Requirements

    • Changing Funding

    • Changing Sustainability Demands

Condition of higher education
Condition of Higher education

“The American higher-education system has long been seen as a leader in the world, but confidence in its future and its enduring value may be beginning to crack along economic lines, according to two major surveys of the American public and college presidents conducted this spring.

-Pew Research Center &Chronicle, Spring 2011


  • Technology can and should be used as an effective tool to:

    • Enhance the teaching/learning and research process

    • Improve Operational Efficiencies

    • Reduce Fixed Operating Costs

    • Create a Value Proposition to Students

    • Align Processes to Fulfill the Mission of the University

Horizon report 2011
Horizon Report 2011

  • The abundance of resources and relationships made easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators in sense-making, coaching, and credentialing.

  • People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want.

  • The world of work is increasingly collaborative, giving rise to reflection about the way student projects are structured.

  • The technologies we use are increasingly cloud-based, and our notions of IT support are decentralized.


  • Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession.

  • Appropriate metrics of evaluation lag behind the emergence of new scholarly forms of authoring, publishing, and researching.

  • Economic pressures and new models of education are presenting unprecedented competition to traditional models of the university

  • Keeping pace with the rapid proliferation of information, software tools, and devices is challenging for students and teachers alike

Technologies to watch
Technologies to watch

  • Next 12 Months

    • Electronic Books – eTextbooks

    • Mobile Computing

    • Selective Cloud Hosting

  • 12- 24 months

    • Augmented Reality

    • Game-Based Learning

2 5 years
2-5 years

  • Gesture-Based Computing

  • Learning Analytics

The next ten years technology as a utility
The Next Ten Years(Technology as a Utility)

Technology should be used to improve operating efficiencies(i.e., reduce fixed operating expenses while enhancing services provided) and capture target markets (New Revenue Sources) from across the globe which was not possible before.

Information Technology

Cost Center Profit Center

How do you do it
How do you do it?

The Answer Might be in the Cloud!

What is the cloud
What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet).

Cloud services
Cloud Services

  • Software as a Service (Saas)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Pros of the cloud
Pros of the cloud

  • Fast Startup

  • Scalability

  • Business Agility

  • Faster Product Development

  • No Capital Expenditures

Cons of the cloud
Cons of the cloud

  • Bandwidth Could Bust Your Budget

  • App Performance Could Suffer

  • Data Might Not be Cloud-Worthy

  • Too Big to Scale

  • Human Capital Might be Lacking

Carl sandburg college
Carl Sandburg college

  • Started Experimenting with the Amazon Cloud in 2008

  • Moved Student E-Mail Accounts to the Google Cloud in 2009

  • Moved Student E-Mail Accounts to Windows Live @edu in Fall 2011

Migration path
Migration path

By 2014, 95% of the College’s Applications will be on either a Private or Public Cloud

Disaster recovery business continuity
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • Campus Emergency and Disaster Recovery Plan – Due to the Illinois Community College Board in December

  • IT DR is a Part of the Overall Plan

  • Process of Working with Cloud Providers to Move RED and YELLOW Servers


  • Carl Sandburg College Ranked Among Top Ten Tech Savvy Community Colleges in the US in 2007, 2008, 2009,2010 & 2011 by the Center for Digital Education and Converge Magazine:

  • Digital Education Achievement Award 2007

  • ICCCA Innovation Award 2005