tips for keeping cloud n.
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Tips for Keeping Cloud Options Open PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Keeping Cloud Options Open

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Tips for Keeping Cloud Options Open - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You need to be very careful prior to moving towards cloud and here are the questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you give yourself a complete choice when you switch to cloud?

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strategic alignment

Strategic Alignment

To be sure your cloud goal ties to your business strategy and vision. Do you want to be an innovator or your focus on safety, cost saving or

CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) to OPEX (Operating Expenses)

cost model?



By holding to the past you can't get future. Are you prepared to do things in distinct way; then you will need a change in mindset.

be prepared to change

Be Prepared to Change

Some companies are unable to shift their enterprise workloads to public cloud services due to data security, compliance or latency concerns. Other organization may choose to take a hybrid cloud model for development and testing to validate the business case of using public and private clouds. In most cases, it will be a bit of this and a bit of that, and the mix will most likely change over time.

find the perfect partner

Find the Perfect Partner

Business is complex. Can you get a vendor, managed cloud provider or broker that can help you understand the full range of opportunities that cloud provides? Ideally, they need to also offer various routes that enable you to extend your existing structure and embrace cloud rather than go for radical chance.

must take centre stage security feature

Must Take Centre Stage Security Feature and Governance

The conversation around cloud should start here rather than for these areas to be bolted on solutions after the main architecture is decided.

business moves fast can your cloud portfolio

Business Moves fast, Can your Cloud Portfolio?

Portfolio has to be able to pivot with you and have the flexibility to change to take you to the future. You need to able to switch forth and back between on premises and cloud.

are y ou prepared to b e a t the cutting e dge

Are You Prepared to Be At the Cutting Edge?

One of the best benefits of cloud is its capacity for quickly adding in new feature and capabilities in weeks or month rather than year long release cycles.

governance will be your best friend

Governance Will Be Your Best Friend

Down the NIC level, when you need to audit and when you need to attest to exactly what and where your data is, then will your provider itself be part of your problem and solution?

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