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Affiliate Marketing SEO 101

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Affiliate Marketing SEO 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Affiliate Marketing SEO 101. Money Blogs And SEO Fundamentals. By Duncan S Lee How I Started. Affiliate Marketing SEO 101. Real Estate investment marketing. Email from a mailing list I subscribed to online. AffiloJetpack

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affiliate marketing seo 101

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Money Blogs



By Duncan S Lee

affiliate marketing seo 1011

How I Started...

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

  • Real Estate investment marketing.
  • Email from a mailing list I subscribed to online. AffiloJetpack
  • IT DIDN’T WORK! fast as I like (my first $ site)
  • Downloaded more courses, Google Sniper, Autoblog Blueprint, you name it. 50 + websites later...
  • Quick results don’t last. Lasting results, aren’t quick.
affiliate marketing seo 1012

Business Model

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

-Build dynamic information rich Blogs/Websites that promoted single or multiple products..

-Why blogs?

-No groundbreakers here, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

-Multiple income stream model, predictable.

-Rank blogs/sites/pages/posts in top 5 google.

-Volume visitor traffic  referral/affiliate sales

-Single site earns about $100-$2k / Mo

-Goal is to create/manage multiple (10-20) sites.

Getting started...

affiliate marketing seo 1013

Keyword + Product Research

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Where do we start?

Seeds ideas for your site creation.

ALMOST anything with high search volume WORKs.

Product first, then keyword.

Where to find product and ideas? Profitability and popular:

affiliate marketing seo 1014

Keyword + Product Research

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Keywords: What are we looking for?

Keyword selection concept:

low – medium competition, medium-high demand

(googleAdwords, keyword tools)

Preferably can lead to a product or service.

Find at least 10 keywords you can target per site. Ex: ‘xxx product name’, ‘review’, ‘how to...’, ‘the best...’, ‘...function’, problems, questions

affiliate marketing seo 1015

Keyword + Product Research

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Competition: what’s easy?

Evaluate top 10 results on, or .ca, .xx

Factors for competition (non authority sites):

PR <4

Age <2 yr

Page Backlinks<600

Indexed Content < 300

Optimized : keywords found in URL or not

Quality: Take a look for yourself


affiliate marketing seo 1017

Recommended Keyword Tools

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Free Tools

Research demand:

Competition analysis:

Shortcut -Paid Tools (Best)

Secockpit .com- $50-$77/mo

Niche FM $27/mo (

Example following...

affiliate marketing seo 1018

Creating Sites/Blogs

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Get a Domain– include a keyword that represents your site. Does not have to rank, preferably it does.

Wordpress blog style and theme for fast deployment.

Effective due to dynamically growing content.

Quick, cheap, effective logos, designs, videos, and Wordpress customizations

Keyword targeted content. Introduction, articles, news, opinions, reviews, videos, top 10s...

affiliate marketing seo 1019

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Content: What are we putting on our sites?


Have ready: 10 quality articles with good info. Vary article sizes.

-1 Main Keyword per page/post. Slow release over time.

-Keyword in TITLE, URL, Sentence, Headings (OPTIMIZE)

- Include nice photos with keyword name, (opt:videos, interaction)

-Include related keywords in posts and DO not stuff.

-MUST include at least 50% non promotional affiliate posts.

-Easy to read and informative. Doesn’t have to win Pulitzer.

-Move towards curation.


No product


No product


No product






affiliate marketing seo 10110

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Strategy: How to monetize pages.

Product $ sales pages: includes info, soft sell, pictures, proof, and affiliate link CTA.

Non product sales: info, links, pictures, and (opt)links to your product pages.

Rank pages, not entire websites.

Info rich post

Money page












Info text



Info text

Light sales





Money page link

affiliate marketing seo 10111

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Example Affiliate Site:

affiliate marketing seo 10112

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101


“I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you”




affiliate marketing seo 10114

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Where to get Backinks


Press Release

Social bookmarks

Article Directories


Web 2.0


File sharing

Forum posting


Photo sharing

Profile links

Link Wheels

Blog comments

Homepage Links$

Social media

Blog networks

Artificial = Care

affiliate marketing seo 10115

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Powerful, Schedule and variation

affiliate marketing seo 10116

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Strategy: Schedule and Anchor

-Keyword in anchor text to rank for that keyword

-Point it to your target page.


-Be random!!

-Schedule for gradual release


-Start slow first couple of weeks.

-Increase as articles scheduled to come up.

My keyword anchor text

affiliate marketing seo 10117

Examples and QA

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

affiliate marketing seo 10118

SEO and Your Content

Affiliate MarketingSEO 101

Tools and Resources – Instant easy keywords – includes Instant profit keywords, and management tools. Helpful IM everything membership – Small tasks for $5 awesome leverage – quick easy content, choose levels – New safe blog network to distribute your backlinks – SEO outsourcers, cheap and can schedule links on demand. – automatic social signals, likes, and votes – Good for programmers and personal writers

oDesk .com– Best overall good for SEO, VAs, graphics small tasks, easier to navigate

Guru .com– Best for higher quality writers