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Affiliate Marketing

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Supplement label design, Supplement label printing, Supplement packaging, Dietary supplement labels, Vitamin labels

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Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Affiliate Marketing For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  2. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing gains website traffic or notoriety by leveraging content on social media sites. This is typically accomplished by creating content on social media sites that encourages readers to share the content with others in their social networks. For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  3. 3D Product Renderings and Mockups In addition to providing supplement label designs and pet supplement label designs, we also create eye-catching 3D renderings and mockups that increase conversions and revenue by turning visitors into buyers. Made specifically and optimized for those that sell their products on web stores like Amazon and eBay, our image renderings can be used on any website and are perfect for pre and post launch marketing presentations as well. For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  4. WordPress Websites Today web design and development typically includes the creation of content management systems (or CMS) such as WordPress. Generally speaking, a CMS is the interface between a backend database and the website through the use of a browser. A principle benefit of a CMS like WordPress is it provides non-technical website owners and managers a way to make changes, updates and edits to their website with very little or no developer knowledge. For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  5. eCommerce Solutions Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce, eCommerce or simply as EC, is the buying and selling of goods and services using computer networks (primarily the Internet). eCommerce solutions allows consumers to submit online payments in exchange for goods and services with no barriers of time or distance. For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  6. Email Marketing Email marketing, at is core, is simply leveraging email in order to market directly to customers and potential customers. With this in mind it could be said than each and every email sent to a customer or potential customer falls under email marketing. Email marketing is usually done by sending a large volume of emails to a designated list. This can be a customer list or an outside list purchased strictly for the purpose of generating new leads or sales. For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

  7. Contact Us Contact KEX now in three easy ways: Phone: 813.507.3890 Email: info@kexconsulting.com KEX Consulting 4532 W Kennedy Blvd #324 Tampa, FL 33609 Thank You For more details: http://www.kexconsulting.com/

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