it takes more than medical school to make a physician n.
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It Takes More Than Medical School to Make a Physician PowerPoint Presentation
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It Takes More Than Medical School to Make a Physician

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It Takes More Than Medical School to Make a Physician - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It Takes More Than Medical School to Make a Physician. You have ever been uninsured You use financial aid to help with medical school costs You plan to use the MATCH to get a residency You are concerned about the amount of hours you will have to work as a resident

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It Takes More Than Medical School to Make a Physician

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Presentation Transcript
please stand up if
You have ever been uninsured
  • You use financial aid to help with medical school costs
  • You plan to use the MATCH to get a residency
  • You are concerned about the amount of hours you will have to work as a resident
  • You are a medical student
Please Stand Up if…..
how amsa has made change

For the uninsured…

In financial aid…

  • One of the first medical organizations to support Medicare and Medicaid
  • Continues to support comprehensive reforms towards universal healthcare coverage
  • AMSA HEAL Deal in 1986 forced loan granters to decrease interest from 20% to our competitive ~8%
  • AMSA continues to pioneer innovative concepts to save students money, such as in-school loan consolidation
How AMSA has made change:

In the Match…

For Residents…

For Medical Students…..

  • Helped change ‘The Match’ in 1996 to favor the student, rather than the residency program
  • Negotiated with the National Residency Matching Program to have mandatory contract disclosure for participants.
  • Wrote the Patient and Physician Safety and Protection Act legislation in 2003
  • Was key in ACGME’s recent changes in work hour guidelines, which took effect July 1, 2003
  • Helped established the National Health Service Corps
  • Pioneered the concept of the preceptorship in the 1970s (Community Week anyone?)
  • Lobbies and advocates on your behalf, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
what is amsa the american medical student association
68,000+ physicians-in-training
  • 153 medical schools—almost every medical school in the US
  • Hundreds of premedical and dozens of international chapters
  • Cost: $75 dollars for up to 5 years of medical school
  • The nation’s LARGESTindependent medical student organization!
What is AMSA?The American Medical Student Association
amsa represents students
As an INDEPENDENT organization that is entirely student-run, AMSA has the liberty to focus on issues that are relevant to our physician-in-training members
  • AMSA represents students on the National Board of Medical Examiners, the National Residency Match Program and other health professions-related organizations.
  • AMSA is the official representative for U.S. medical students on an INTERNATIONAL level as part of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA).
AMSA represents students…

Four Strategic Priorities

  • Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
  • Global Health Equity
  • Enriching Medicine through Diversity
  • Professional Integrity, Development, and Student Well Being
amsa is action

AMSA’s 10 Action Committees activate members around important issues often not addressed in medical school.

  • Community and Environmental Health
  • Culture of Medicine
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Global Health
  • Grassroots Leadership
  • Health Policy
  • Humanistic Medicine
  • Medical Education
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Health
  • Student Life

Community and Environmental Health

    • Public health issues
    • Healthy People 2010 goals
  • Culture of Medicine-
    • PharmFree Campaign
    • Medical errors
    • Removing culture of entitlement in medicine
  • Gender and Sexuality
    • Women’s health of women
    • LGBT health
  • Global Health
    • Economic disparities
    • Health and human rights

Humanistic Medicine

    • Creative expression
    • Complementary and alternative medicine education

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Health

    • Minority health issues
    • Health disparities
  • Student Life
    • Affordability of medical education
    • Mental and physical health of medical students
amsa is action1

AMSA has 12 Interest Groups and Specialty Forum listservs where students with similar interests can learn and explore:

  • Business of Medicine
  • Death and Dying
  • Direct Action
  • Military Medicine
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Geriatrics
  • Neurology
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Primary Care
2009 national convention

March 11-15 in Washington D.C.

THREE BIG REASONS you should attend:

Programming – Lectures and workshops covering all topics in health care and education, with keynote addresses from field leaders!

Action – Run for one of AMSA’s 125+ national positions, take part in the House of Delegates, AMSA’s official policy-making body, or lobby on Capitol Hill for one of our strategic priorities.

Community - Network and socialize with more than 1,500physicians-in-training in the nation’s capitol!

2009 National Convention
want more information on strategic priorities action committees or interest groups
Check out the national website at:

OR contact Brian Hurley, AMSA National President

at or 1-800-767-2266

Want more information on Strategic Priorities, Action Committees or Interest Groups?


    • Chapter Officers:
      • Jonathan Wells, Executive Chair
      • CharitaVadlamudi, Chair of Recruitment and Finances
      • Mia Yang, Chair of Medical Student Activities
      • Amy Marietta, Chair of Outreach and Events
      • Tiana Banks, Chair of International Health and Service
      • Julian Willoughby, Chair of International Research and Professional Exchanges
  • Fall 2008 Events:
    • Saturday August 23rd: UNC Million Meals Service Event
    • October/November: National PharmFree Week and National Primary Care Week
    • December: Regional Conference in Lubbock, TX
    • And lunches and events that you want!


  • August 23rd 3pm-6pm at the Great Hall: UNC Million Meals Project. Joint AMA and AMSA event for UNC’sannual service project. Email to sign up!
  • August 29th: Deadline for AMSA leadership applications. Email to
  • August 31st 11am-6 pm: Community Outreach at Fiesta de la Familia. Speak Spanish? Want to learn and practice clinical screening skills? Joint SNMA, SHAC, and AMSA event for a Latino community festival in Carrboro. Collaborative effort with SNMA and SHAC. Email Mike Kelso to sign up.
  • October 3-5, Paul Ambrose Health Care for All Institute: Application Deadline August 22nd.
  • October 2008: National Primary Care Week
  • Dec. 5-7th, Lubbock, TX: AMSA Regional Conference. Falling Through the Cracks: Access and the Underserved.
join amsa to save
AMSA ONLINE STORES… Discounts on PDAs, software, books and medical instruments
  • Discounts on health and dental insurance and contacts
  • Discounts through GEICO on car and renter’s insurance
  • Discounts on AMSA’s/Barnes & Noble online bookstore
  • Discounts on hotel reservations and car rentals
  • Discounts from The Medical Letter and USMLERx
  • AMSA Physician Bank of America credit card and offer of free Netter’s Atlas of Anatomy promotion*
  • And more! Visit
Join AMSA to Save!

Benefits, services and programs are subject to change without notice.

amsa also offers
The most leadership opportunities for medical students (over 125 national positions) with great leadership training
  • Funding for local projects and initiatives
  • Award-winning THE NEW PHYSICIAN magazine
  • International research and clinical exchange opportunities
  • Leadership institutes, study tours, and regional conferences
AMSA also offers…

Want to be an AMSA Member?

Talk with an officer after the meeting or join online at

Action Committee applications due Friday August 29th!

If you are interested in the free Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy Bank of America member benefit, please speak with an officer ASAP – you will need to print confirmation pages from your application materials.

get involved today

Get Involved Today!