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Speaking and writing

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Speaking and writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speaking and writing. 正安县第二中学 袁先忠. Dictation. In ancient Olympics, women were not allowed to compete in the games. As a matter of fact , he has been admitted to Zhongshan University, which is as great an honor as a gold medal.

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Speaking and writing

正安县第二中学 袁先忠



  • In ancient Olympics, women were not allowed to compete in the games.
  • As a matter of fact, he has been admitted to Zhongshan University, which is as great an honor as a gold medal.

3. He felt upset because his house would be taken apart and replaced by a new one.

4. I had to promise to slow down so as not to lead to accidents.


An interview

  • Work in pairs or groups, and interview at least 5 students about their hobbies and why they like it.
  • What’s your favorite hobby?

2. Why do you like it ( love /

enjoy / prefer /be interested

in / be crazy about…)?

3. What is enjoyable about the hobby?

4. What good does it do to you?



Work in groups and discuss with your partners who have the same hobby with you.


1. Why do you like this sport / music / collecting stamps?


2.What is enjoyable about your hobby?

3. What do you need for this hobby?

4. What have you learned from the hobby?

5. What difficulty might you have about it?

S1: My speech is about football.

S2: Fine. Off you go.

S1: I became interested in football when I was very young. I used to watch my uncle’s television and saw the Chinese team take part in the world cup. I became so excited

Sample dialogue:

that I decided I would practise harder so that one day I might become part of the Chinese team.

S2: How old were you?

S1: I was 14 years old at that time.

S2: I think you should mention that. Did you like football before that?

S1: Yes. I liked to play with my friends but I didn’t have a burning ambition to become part of the Chinese team.

S2: OK. Carry on.

S1: My favourite footballer is Diego Maradona. He is a South American

player who used to play a few years ago. I like him because he was so skillful with the ball. I love to watch him play on old matches. Unfortunately, he has retired from football now. I think Chinese footballers have a lot to learn from him.
S2: That’s fine. Now what do you do to improve your skill?

S1: I practise every day at lunchtime. I try to improve my running skills and my handling of the ball. Sometimes I play games with my friends. In the future, I hope to go

to a sports university and perhaps be able to join the Chinese national team.

S2: Good. That sounds fine. Now would you like to listen to me. I like swimming because…



Write a passage about your hobby.

A sample

Swimming is my favorite sport. I like it because it can bring me much fun. The process of learning how to swim is very interesting.


You can try different ways of swimming, such as backstroke. You can swim at any time of the year if you like. In hot summer, if you jump into the river or the sea to have a swim, you will feel cool and comfortable.


Even in cold winter, you can swim if you are brave enough. It’s a healthy sport and it can build up our body. If you are a beginner, you must be careful. You’d better not swim alone and bring life buoy with you in case of danger. If you want to be a good swimmer, you must have a lot of practice and have great determination.



Finish the composition after class.