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Energy Conservation Tips. John Delvo PE Energy Management Specialist Rocky Mountain Region Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Energy Efficiency Gas/Electric.

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Energy conservation tips

Energy Conservation Tips

John Delvo PE

Energy Management Specialist

Rocky Mountain Region Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

Energy efficiency gas electric
Energy Efficiency Gas/Electric

  • Set your thermostat between 65 F and 70 F during the winter. There is a 1% savings for every deg of setback for 8 hours. Three is a 3% annual savings for every degree of setback if it is a permanent setting

Energy conservation tips gas electric
Energy Conservation Tips Gas/Electric

  • Clean or change furnace filters once a month. Furnaces consume less energy if they breath easily

  • Have furnace tuned up once a year by service technician

  • Take showers instead of baths

  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes

  • Wash in cold water whenever possible

Energy efficiency tips gas electric
Energy Efficiency Tips Gas/Electric

  • Set water temperature at 120 F

  • Insulate hot water pipes in unconditioned space

  • Repair leaky faucets

  • Install water-flow restrictors in showerheads and faucets

  • Close unnecessary heat vents in rooms

  • On sunny days open draperies and blinds to let sun in

  • Close draperies and blinds at night to insulate against the cold

Energy conservation tips gas electric1
Energy Conservation Tips Gas/Electric

  • Weatherize your home with caulking and weather stripping to seal leaks

  • Hot air and return ducts in attic or crawl space should be covered two inches of insulation and should be air tight as possible

Energy conservation gas electric
Energy Conservation Gas/Electric

  • Use compact fluorescent lights bulbs

  • Shut computers off when not in use standby mode can still draw power


  • Replace Appliances with Energy Star Rating

    • Refrigerators use 15% less energy than required by federal standards

    • Dishwashers use 25% less energy than required by federal standards

    • Clothes Washers use 50% of the energy used by standard washers

    • Central Air Conditioners exceed federal standards by 20%

    • Natural gas furnaces have a 90 % or higher A.F.U.E rating