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Energy Conservation. Samantha Ferreyra Gabriel Godinez Noah Jacobo Sophia Valdez. What Is Energy Conservation?. Efforts made to reduce energy consumption Types of energy: wind energy, hydropower, sun power, and biomass energy

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Energy conservation

Energy Conservation

Samantha FerreyraGabriel Godinez

Noah Jacobo

Sophia Valdez

What is energy conservation
What Is Energy Conservation?

  • Efforts made to reduce energy consumption

  • Types of energy: wind energy, hydropower, sun power, and biomass energy

  • Energy consumption causes climate changes, pollution, and a reduction in supply of resources like water

  • Conserve energy by using solar panels,

    recycling, and reducing electricity usage

Solar power
Solar Power

  • The conversion of sunlight into electricity

  • 5 types of energy

    • Passive solar heating

    • Active solar energy

    • Solar thermal energy like solar thermals

    • Photovoltaic solar power like photovoltaic panels

    • Concentrating solar power(CSP)

Biomass energy
Biomass Energy

  • An organic matter that can be made in biofuels, chemicals, and other materials.

  • Good for the environment since it takes out the carbon in the air and doesn’t increase CO2 levels

  • Provide heat and electricity


  • Water power

  • Mostly used to generate energy

  • Convention hydroelectric is hydroelectric dams

  • Hydraulic power networks carry pressurized water and transmit mechanical power

  • Pumped-storage

    hydroelectricity captures

    the kinetic energy in rivers

    or streams

Wind energy
Wind Energy

  • Energy made from the wind

  • Plentiful, renewable energy

  • Produces no greenhouse gas emissions

  • Wind turbines make electrical power

  • Wind pumps are for water pumps and drainages

Energy usage causes climate changes
Energy Usage Causes Climate Changes?

  • Energy consumption has been linked climate changes due to many electricity related machinery that produce a lot of carbon into the air

  • Power plants, vehicles, and factories

  • Power plants make up 36% of United State’s greenhouse gas emissions

  • Vehicles emit 5.3 lb of carbon

    per gallon

  • Factories burn fossil fuel that

    produces ozone

Increase in energy pollution
Increase In Energy Pollution

  • Energy consumption makes electric and magnetic fields that cause pollution

  • Smog and haze cause difficult breathing problems like asthma

  • Pollution makes harmful

    greenhouse gas emission

Increase in e nergy pollution
Increase In Energy Pollution

  • Pollution harms fish

  • Excess heat energy and radiation leaks

  • Forces relocation of fish population

  • Changes migration patterns

Why conserving energy helps conserve fossil fuels
Why Conserving Energy Helps Conserve Fossil Fuels

  • Fossil fuel is energy and are running low

  • Saving and consuming less fossil fuel will save more for future use

  • Less energy used makes more fossil fuel available

Easy ways to help s ave e nergy
Easy Ways To Help Save Energy

  • Turning off the television, fan, and lights

  • Getting portable fans

  • Replacing old incandescent lights bulbs with CFLs

  • Sealing off unused areas can reduce or eliminate heating and cooling in these spaces

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