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Lesson Overview – Introduction

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Lesson Overview – Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson Overview – Introduction. Learning Objectives. Upon completing the Introduction lesson, participants will be able to:. State the slogan of the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner - OSFC

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learning objectives
Learning Objectives

Upon completing the Introduction lesson,

participants will be able to:

  • State the slogan of the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner - OSFC
  • List the four phases of wellsite activity in order, and state why it’s important to know how to identify the phases
  • Describe how to find a wellsite a First Responder has been dispatched to
  • Explain the first action taken when a First Responder drives up to the wellsite
  • State what we are NOT expected to do as First Responders
training sponsorship and theme
Training Sponsorship and Theme
  • The title of this training reflects the official slogan of the
  • First Responders Training Program.
  • ‘Everyone goes home!’
first responder communities
First Responder Communities

A variety of Commonwealth First Responders...

historical perspective
Historical Perspective

From cable to rotary rigs…

Colonel Drake’s

Cable Rig

Typical Rotary

Drilling Rig

pennsylvania a long safe oil gas history

As of 7/28/10: Total Marcellus Shale Gas Wells 3,781


Pennsylvania, a Long Safe Oil & Gas History

Prior to the Marcellus, Pennsylvania wells shallow and low pressure…

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources

marcellus shale scope
Marcellus Shale Scope

Marcellus covers 95,000 square miles…

Source: Talisman

a modern drillsite
A Modern Drillsite

Modern drillsite is well organized…

Source: Talisman

wellsite hazards in perspective
Wellsite Hazards in Perspective

Twopublicized Marcellus incidents out of a thousand shale wells…


1. Well Blowout in Clearfield County, PA - 06/03/10


2. Well Explosion near Moundsville, WV– 06/07/10

July 23, 2010 explosion at shallow gas well in Indiana Township adds another sense of urgency to this training

Source: EKT Interactive

importance of marcellus to pennsylvania
Importance of Marcellus to Pennsylvania

Marcellus Centers of Excellence…

Penn State

CMU Gas Institute

The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy

Waynesburg Community College

Westmorland County Community College

handbook organization

Site Selection

& Preparation





Handbook Organization

Each phases of wellsite activity has different hazards…

First Responder Role in an Emergency – Checklists

drilling at the wellsite
Drilling at the Wellsite

Must understand wellsite phases to prepare for an effective response…

Note this is an air rig drilling the vertical hole

Source: Range Resources

multiple rigs can occupy a single pad
Multiple Rigs can Occupy a Single Pad

Multi-well pads allow several activities to take place simultaneously..

Source: Range Resources

typical wellsite limited access
Typical Wellsite: Limited Access

Wellsite access during the drilling phase…

Source: Range Resources

typical sign for rig entry road
Typical Sign for Rig Entry Road

Rig signs will usually depict a rig name/number ...

how do i find the wellsite
How do I find the wellsite?

Informed 911 dispatchers - a key to effective response...

rule 1 watch where you park
Rule 1: Watch where you park

Source: Range Resources

if a blowout stop
If a Blowout – STOP

Do not try to put out the well fire!

Source: EKT Interactive


Time for you to go to work!


Instructor Guide EGH1. Introduction