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Kyrene Professional Growth Plan

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Kyrene Professional Growth Plan. A personal professional goal which supports daily instruction to impact student achievement. Purpose of the Professional Growth Plan is. To directly impact student achievement through teacher learning

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kyrene professional growth plan

Kyrene Professional Growth Plan

A personal professional goal which supports daily instruction to impact student achievement

purpose of the professional growth plan is
Purpose of the Professional Growth Plan is
  • To directly impact student achievement through teacher learning
  • To reflect the needs of each teacher’s population and curriculum
  • To reflect the current school improvement plan in reading, math, and/or writing, if appropriate
the kyrene professional growth plan should
The Kyrene Professional Growth Plan Should:
  • Reflect research-based instructional practices and data collection strategies to impact student performance for all students
  • Connect to daily classroom instruction
  • Reflect Kyrene quality teaching standards and professionalism
  • Be reasonable to implement and easily documented in the teacher’s reflection.
sources to consider for creating a successful professional growth plan
Sources to consider for creating a successful Professional Growth Plan
  • Current curriculum guide and adopted resources
  • Knowledge of data using KIP and/or school wide data through data chats and principal sharing
  • Awareness of Kyrene initiatives through workshop attendance, principal/teacher discussions, information on new adoptions and processes
  • Knowledge of educational issues, changes in instructional delivery and pedagogy, current changes in teaching and learning
  • Knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion for all populations
  • Knowledge of the Teacher Evaluation and Growth Document
  • Feedback from Evaluator/Supervisor
student impact statement
Student Impact Statement

Teacher provides a statement which answers these questions.

  • What are the learning needs of my students?
  • What do I need to learn to assist them in their learning?
  • What are the resources available to help me meet my professional/personal learning goal?
personal and professional development goal
Personal and Professional Development Goal
  • A goal which aligns with district practices.
    • Examples include extending knowledge of adopted resources, CGI, best research practices, and school leadership which impacts student achievement etc.
  • A personal timeline to set and/or accomplish the goal
    • The goal may be either annual or multi-year.
    • If multi-year, clarify the degree of implementation that will be achieved within the academic year and incremental growth.
  • The teacher will identify the Quality Teaching Standard which aligns to the goal.
only one professional personal goal is needed the following are examples
Only One Professional Personal Goal is needed. The following are examples:
  • Over the course of three years, I will use writer’s workshop as intended with the result at the end of three years being all students will show positive growth on the 6 trait writing rubric. This year I will focus on connecting the reading resources with expository writing
  • Over the course of two years, I will use an assessment strategy for documenting assessment-for-learning in math with all my students. This year, I will use a consistent assessment tool to measure my students’ progress on Standard One of the math curriculum
  • Over the course of three years, I will engage with my grade level professional learning community to discuss and implement interventions for students in the novice and approaching categories in reading and assess each year’s success. This year, I will engage in regular data chats with my professional learning community on students who are in the novice and approaching categories in reading and math and implement a target intervention strategy with these learners
learning opportunities and colleague sharing
Learning Opportunities and Colleague Sharing
  • The teacher
    • will state the learning opportunities that will support the achievement of the personal professional goal
    • will identify colleague sharing and collaborative approaches necessary to support the achievement of the personal professional goal
an example would be one of these given below
An example would be One of these given below:
  • I am planning to attend a series of workshops on Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) strategies offered through the Kyrene PGO course offerings to support student achievement in my classroom. I will implement a DMI pedagogy for student problem-solving and share with my grade level colleagues
  • I am taking university classes on reading methods for intervention that will assist my struggling readers. I am going to participate in a book study with other colleagues to learn more about strategies to use with struggling students
  • I will conduct a workshop training for my colleagues on Character Counts and how to integrate academic learning activities to promote success in my classroom and success in the overall school environment
guidelines for pgp implementation
Guidelines for PGP Implementation


  • is implemented each year
  • is a component of the evaluation process
  • is shared with the primary evaluator to document success with any quality teaching standard
  • guides the professional growth experiences and educational credit opportunities for teachers
  • may be amended throughout the year to reflect the changing needs of teachers and students
reflection and analysis of goal what did the teacher learn
Reflection and Analysis of Goal: What did the teacher learn?

The reflection and/or analysis

  • responds to the goal
  • focuses on student achievement from the classroom level
  • is concise and notes the success of student and teacher growth
important questions to consider in the reflection
Important questions to consider in the reflection:
  • What impact do these results have on student achievement now and in the future?
  • What insight, growth or learning has been experienced as a result of the learning opportunities or collaborative sharing?
  • What goals for professional and/or personal learning are planned in the upcoming year?

Suggestion: Use any/all of these to help you discuss; please keep it brief and concise.