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Opening Prayer

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Opening Prayer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opening Prayer. Lord, help us who are preparing for confirmation to live by the Holy spirit. May we use his power in our lives to be witnesses to you. Amen. Introduction. Water and Oil. In Confirmation, a baptized person is anointed w/ Chrism (consecrated oil) & strengthened w/ the HS.

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opening prayer
Opening Prayer
  • Lord, help us who are preparing for confirmation to live by the Holy spirit. May we use his power in our lives to be witnesses to you. Amen.
water and oil
Water and Oil
  • In Confirmation, a baptized person is anointed w/ Chrism (consecrated oil) & strengthened w/ the HS.
  • Confirmation…
    • adds to the gift of new life we received in Baptism.
    • deepens & seals in the Gifts of the HS that we receive in Baptism
    • Chrism  symbolizes the power of the HS, which keeps us close to the Father & the Son
    • Sends us out strengthened to carry on the Church’s mission.
  • What kind of oil is used in Confirmation?
    • Sacred Chrism
  • How is Confirmation related to Baptism?
    • Confirmation adds to the new life we received in Baptism. It deepens and seals the new life we received in Baptism.
  • What does the oil used in Confirmation symbolize?
    • The power of the Holy Spirit
  • What does Confirmation do?
    • It keeps us close to the Father and the Son. It gives us a stronger tie to the Church. It sends us out strengthened to carry on the Church’s mission. It helps us put our faith into words and actions.
stained for life
Stained for Life
  • Confirmation places a permanent mark on our souls.
  • What does this mark do?
    • It protects us from the power of evil
    • Brings out our unique talents & gifts
  • What does the Sacrament of Confirmation confirm?
    • Confirms in us the faith that God planted when he first called us in Baptism.
think about it
Think About It!
  • Christ = “anointed one”
  • Jesus Christ is the anointed king chosen by the Father to save his people.
  • 29B – Think About It!
east and west
East and West
  • In the early Church, when did the bishop anoint w/ oil the newly baptizedd?
    • Immediately after Baptism
  • In the West, the minister is usually a bishop b/c he is directly connected to the apostles.
    • t/f, Confirmation is usually delayed until a bishop is available.
  • In the East, a baby receives baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist at once to show the connection among the sacraments of Initiation.
age and confirmation
Age and Confirmation
  • US bishops determine the age.
  • Age of reason: is when a person is old enough to understand what she or he is doing (=7)
    • Know the difference b/t right & wrong
live it
Live It!
  • Chrism Mass: the annual celebration during which bishops bless the oils to be used in their dioceses during the coming year. This Mass usually takes place on Holy Thursday.
rite of confirmation
Rite of Confirmation
  • Requirements to be confirmed:
    • You have reached the age of reason
    • Go to confession if you’re in the state of mortal sins.
    • FREELY ask for the sacrament. (NOT forced)
    • Be READY to live your life as a disciple of Christ.
Essential parts of the Sacrament of Confirmation
    • Anointing of the forehead w/ Chrism and the laying on of the minister’s hands with the words: “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
did you know three oils of the church
Did You Know?Three Oils of the Church
  • Sacred Chrism: consecrated olive oil w/ perfume represents the sweet fragrance of Christ & the good works of his Body, the Church
    • Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination, & consecrate objects for sacred work
  • The Oil of Catechumens: blessed olive oil used to anoint those preparing for Baptism; helps the person battle evil
The Oil of the Sick: blessed olive oil used int eh the Sacrament of Anointing to anoint the forehead & hands of people who are seriously ill or near death.
    • Strengthens the sick & prepares those who are dying for death.
  • 29B – your confirmation Name
did you know who s who in confirmation
Did You Know?Who’s Who in Confirmation
  • Ordinary minister  bishop
    • He can give priests permission to confirm
  • Confirmation candidate w/ a sponsor
  • Sponsor  a person who vouches for, is responsible for, or supports a person or thing”
renewal of baptismal promises
Renewal of Baptismal Promises
  • Unlike Baptism where your parents made the Baptismal promises for you, you will have to speak for yourself & publicly renew your baptismal promises at Confirmation.
pray it liturgy connection
Pray It! Liturgy Connection
  • Chrism, Oil of the Sick & Oil of Catechumens are kept in a box called an ambry.
laying on of hands
Laying On of Hands
  • A sign that the bishop is asking the HS to come upon you and be w/ you.
  • The bishop ask the HS to help & guide you w/ the spiritual gifts to live your faith.
did you know the awesome gifts of the spirit
Did You Know?The Awesome Gifts of the Spirit
  • Seven gifts of the HS
    • Wisdom, understanding, right judgment (counsel), courage (fortitude), knowledge, reverence (piety), wonder and awe (fear of the Lord)
  • The gifts and fruits of the HS are a traditional listing based in the Scriptures. The gifts of the HS can be found in Isaiahj 11:1-2 (NAB). The fruits of the HS can be found in Galatians 5:22-23.
  • 29B – The Gifts of the HS
anointing with chrism
Anointing with Chrism
  • The bishop anoints you by making the Sign of the Cross w/ Chrism & say “Be sealed with the Gift of the HS”. You say: “Amen”
  • Then, you & bishop share a sign of peace.
closing prayer
Closing Prayer
  • Come Holy Spirit, fill us with your gifts. Give us love and courage, peace and patience. Be our Gift and our Guide, now and always. Amen.