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MI Bridges Consumer Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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MI Bridges Consumer Protection

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MI Bridges Consumer Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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&. State of Michigan Department of Human Services & Michigan Benefits Access Initiative (MBAI). MI Bridges Consumer Protection. Updated 6/15/12. Consumer Protection Objectives:. After viewing this module you will be able to:

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MI Bridges Consumer Protection

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    1. & State of Michigan Department of Human Services & Michigan Benefits Access Initiative (MBAI) MI Bridges Consumer Protection Updated 6/15/12

    2. Consumer Protection Objectives: • After viewing this module you will be able to: • Identify the need reasons for background checks on volunteers who are assisting potential clients with MI Bridges. • Define your roll as a volunteer to the potential client. • Define and describe types of Intentional Program Violations (IPV’s) to a potential client. • Empower the potential client with fraud prevention tips.

    3. Client Confidentiality & Protection • All staff volunteering to assist applicants using MI Bridges should undergo a background check through their employer. • Depending on the population served, background checks may include: • Michigan State Police Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) • State and National Sex-Offender Registries • Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry • Past criminal history may disqualify an individual from certain outreach activities

    4. What the Applicant Needs to Know You are NOT: A Department of Human Services case worker – You are a staff or volunteer of an agency. An authorized agent for the individual applying for benefits – DHS will require written & signed proof of any relationship to serve in a representative capacity. An expert on DHS application policy – Policy questions should be asked of DHS case managers. Responsible for the applicants approval or denial of benefits - All information submitted into MI Bridges is processed by DHS exclusively. 6

    5. Intentional Program Violations (IPV): Deliberately giving false information or a false statement to MDHS, assisting another in receiving assistance benefits when that person is not eligible or eligible for a lesser amount, and/or failing to report household changes, income, etc. • Some types of IPV include: • Failing to inform DHS timely of changes including income, assets, residence or household members. • Trading or selling Food Assistance Benefits or Bridge cards. • Using FAP benefits or Bridge cards that don’t belong to you. • Possible sanctions/penalties for IPV include: • Disqualified for 12 months for the first offense • Disqualified for 24 months for the second offense • Lifetime disqualification for the third offense • You also may be prosecuted for welfare fraud.

    6. Empower Applicant to Prevent Fraud • Everyone has the right to complete the application themselves • All applicants have rights and responsibilities as a DHS benefit applicant • All applicants have rights to privacy and confidentially • Applicant should never pay someone to complete a DHS benefit application • Scanned documentation should be deleted from benefit site computers

    7. Empower Applicant to prevent Fraud (continued) • Keep user name and password private. • Regularly check the status of application through “Check My Benefits” in MI Bridges • Make sure to respond promptly to all inquiries for documentation or interviews • Contact DHS case worker directly, if you have any specific questions about the process

    8. Thank You! We hope you’ve enjoyed this method of receiving information on MI Bridges and look forward to sharing more in the future. Additional detailed information may be found on the DHSNet OTSD website under the MI Bridges Training section. To record that you have viewed this presentation and to evaluate the content, please click the button below. Click here to complete the evaluation Note: the box above is a hyperlink. You must view this presentation in slide show mode to click the hyperlink and take the survey in order to receive credit for taking this course.