walnut hill school sages seekers activities in 2012 n.
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Walnut Hill School “Sages & Seekers” activities in 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Walnut Hill School “Sages & Seekers” activities in 2012

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Walnut Hill School “Sages & Seekers” activities in 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Walnut Hill School “Sages & Seekers” activities in 2012. Fred Manasse and his life story as told to his seekers. prelude. - Adolf Hitler abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wermacht (High Command of the Armed Forces), giving him direct control of the German military.

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  • - Adolf Hitler abolishes the War Ministry and creates the Oberkommando der Wermacht (High Command of the Armed Forces), giving him direct control of the German military.
  • - Kristallnacht November 9-10, 1938- SA paramilitary and civilians vandalized jewish homes and establishments. Authorities were idle and watched as this took place. The only people arrested were jewish.
  • -No jew can be a civilian
reference to fred
Reference to Fred
  • He is featured in the book Inge:A Girl's Journey through Nazi Europe.
  • http://books.google.com/books?id=W-hG-EQOfGgC&pg=PA83&lpg=PA83&dq=manfred+manasse&source=bl&ots=mOtWuGggrm&sig=mfpCrSdEywsJ8xTqLdXR-XI5oV0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=HGPJUJrfJLHw0QGSjICQCg&ved=0CFoQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=manfred%20manasse&f=false
  • -A program dedicated to evacuating jewish children from Nazi occupied areas in response to nazi oppression, mainly Kristallnacht.
  • -Fred was put onto the train out of Germany and into Belgium by his parents, who sacrificed much in order for him to be permitted to leave.
vichy france chateau de la hille
Vichy France:Chateau de la Hille

-An orphanage that gave Fred Manasse asylum along with other children who share his story.

to spain
To spain
  • -Crossed france to end up in spain where some Spaniards took in the immigrating Jewish against the will of the authorities.
  • -Though spain was a neutral country Francisco Franco did agree to give up jewish residents without a spanish citizenship to the Nazi regime.
  • -Fred spent his time in spain on the lookout for officials.
january 1945 u s
January, 1945- U.S.
  • -he entered 3rd grade at 10 when he arrived in u.s. though he was the oldest and the biggest kid in his class his peers would gang up on Fred (they had numbers on him) and tease him and call him names.
  • -With the language barrier, fred made an easy target. no matter how much he swore and cussed them in french or german they would not understand and just laugh, but he quickly learned from movies how to act in those situations, (spaghetti westerns and war movies).
january 1945 january 1956 growing up in the u s a
January, 1945-January 1956; growing up in the U.S.A

-Fred goes from the first temporary foster home in Bronx to a number of foster homes in upstate NY & then back to the Bronx

-One of these foster parents treated him like the daughter they never had.

-He entered 3rd grade at 10 when he arrived in u.s. though he was the oldest and the biggest kid in his class his peers would gang up on fred (they had numbers on him) tease him and call him names.

-After a while enough was enough he approached his social worker about the predicament and was assigned a new foster family.

-This new family took advantage of the financial support that he was receiving from the agency. They would take the check he received as pay for his maintenance, food and such.

school days in ny
School Days in NY

- He quickly caught up to his respective grade and proceeded to take high school in Brooklyn

-In the beginning, he was quiet and didn't have a lot of friends. At this point his best friend was his new brother in this new foster family. It was suggested that he see a psychiatrist. He was against it at first but came to realize that letting out all your emotions and stories helped him become more social.

-In the years leading up to his graduation he was more social and had a group of friends to share the times with.

-He ended up graduating at 17, and under regulations of the agency he was only supported until he were to turn 18 or graduate college.

-This was a great injustice for he had no job and could not afford college without the financial support of the agency.

fred shows early bravado hutzpah
Fred Shows Early Bravado (Hutzpah)
  • -He approaches the agency yet again, though it is summer and his representative insisted that it be hard to get an appointment. Somehow he ends up meeting the chairman of the committee in his penthouse to discuss matters.
  • -Fred argues on behalf of all the orphans whose ability to receive a higher education is hindered by this rule. The chairman was convinced and the rules were changed. Not only this, but the chairman happened to have a high position at the University of Illinois and offered to pay for tuition and room and board. This said, Fred still chose to go to City College to be with his brother.
  • -In January 1956 Fred graduates from CCNY, marries Annette Stone and moves to N.J. to start job at Bell Labs
  • -After 2 years there he wins Fellowship and he talks his way into a physics grad program at Princeton.
  • - In 1961 he gets his PhD in Theoretical Physics and goes back to Bell Labs
fred shows versatility
Fred Shows Versatility

-Growing restless again, in mid 1963 Fred takes a leave of absence from Bell Labs and becomes an Assistant Professor of E.E. at CCNY.Two years later he is approached by a fomer coleague at Bell Labs who is a Professor at Princeton and is offered a job there which he accepts.

-He teaches and does research with his graduate students in Solid state electronics and Microwave Devices.He also writes a textbook on Transistor electronics which attracts a lot of favorable job offers

-In 1968 he is attracted to be an Associate Professor at Dartmouth College where he teaches and does research in Microwave Device electronics.

-While there he also gets funding from several foundations to create interest in minority students of becoming engineers. To do this he sends Dartmouth student interns for a semester to guide and teach students in Jersey City Central HS and Tuskegee Institute in Montgomery Alabama, about computer and other technical subjects.

in 1972 he moves to Philadelphia to become Professor and Chairman of the E.E. Department at Drexel University.



fred moves on
Fred moves on

-Growing restless again, in late 1975 Fred leaves Drexel to become a consultant to ERDA in Washington DC and Visiting Professor at SUNY Stony Brook.

After his wife graduates from Drexel in mid 1976, Fred takes a new position he creates as a half time Professor and Assistant Dean of UNH, so he can consult for industry and start his own business.

-He teaches and does research with his graduate students and creates a center for Innovative Energy .

He also creates AETA Corp for which he invents and installs new solar Hot water heating systems and photovoltaic based home and commercial electrical sources.

-Along with UNH colleagues he runs Workshops for government and industry in policy related area that set National priorities in Renewable energy systems.

-He also works with the 2 Senators from NH to change laws regarding Small Business access to Research form government agencies (SBRA), and Utility funding for Green Energy.



fred returns to industry 1985 2002
Fred Returns to Industry -1985-2002

-As a Business, Renewable energy is a bust and Fred realizes that he must get back into a well paying position in Industry to be able to support his children’s college education

-He makes only three calls to old contacts and immediately gets 3 job offers, one of which only requires that he commutes to Massachusetts.Hestarts at MITRE in the fall of 1985, works there for 2 years and moves to Waltham where he has now lived since 1986.

In fall of 1987, he is attracted by a head hunter to Raytheon and works there for 13 years, inventing several new Radar and InfraRed cameras for improving guided missile intercept rocket accuracy and stealthyness.

-He retires and is again approached by a headhunter (for Lockheed –Martin) which he he accepts and has to temporarily move to Moorestown NJ to start a new program to equip AEGIS equipped Cruisers with the capability to shoot doen TBM’s

-In order to facilitate this program he also starts a new ofice in MA to attract and recruit former colleagues at Raytheon to help implement this capability more quickly and so he can return home to assist in doing so

-Unfortunately after the new office is open he has to have emergency surgery which requires him to recuperate for a long period and he chooses to finally retire in 2002.



fred retires changes again 2002
Fred Retires & changes again -2002

-Fred decides to becomes an artist and after apprenticeships in Stained glass and sculpture, along with some schooling (Framinghham State and Harvard University Ceramics studio), creates works in stained glass, clay, as well as carving in stone

-He exhibits his sculptural work in Bronze and Stone in many venues and curates a number of exhibitions.

-He also begins to volunteer in a number of areas, as a Community Ambassador at WGBH, Delivers weekly Meals on Wheels for Waltham’s Senior Center, is a facilitator at the Waterworks museum, Serves as a Sage to Seekers at the Walnut Hill School and also participates in a n IRB at the St Elizabeth Hospital.

-He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in West Rutland VT, where he learned to carve Granite and Marble

-He continues to garden and cook and serves on the Executive committee and several other Holocaust related activities in Boston



basis of fred s life and his faith
Basis of Fred’s life and his faith
  • "Be daring, break the rules if you have a reason, risk if you believe in something , that is part of how I survived."
  • - Fred Manasse