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Special Occasion Speeches

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Special Occasion Speeches. Courtesy & Ceremonial Speeches. Courtesy Speeches. Introductions. Presentation. Refer to occasion that has brought the audience together Name the person (mention the person again at the end of the introduction)

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special occasion speeches

Special Occasion Speeches

Courtesy & Ceremonial Speeches

courtesy speeches
Courtesy Speeches



  • Refer to occasion that has brought the audience together
  • Name the person (mention the person again at the end of the introduction)
  • Build enthusiasm by relating information about the qualifications of the speaker
  • Share information about the subject to heighten interest
  • Explain why this speaker is to give this talk to this audience
  • Conclude by welcoming the speaker
  • State the person’s name early in the presentation (unless you are building suspense)
  • Explain the award’s significance as a symbol of the group’s esteem
  • Explain how the person was selected for the award
  • Highlight what makes this person unique. Use anecdotal info and a brief list of achievements
  • Hand the award to the recipient.

After Dinner

  • Be brief, sincere, and direct
  • Thank the group for the award
  • Discuss the importance of the award to you
  • Thank others who helped you win the award. Minimize your worth, and praise the contributions of your supporters
  • Reiterate your appreciation
  • Is given at the conclusion of a dinner or banquet
  • The primary focus of this speech is to entertain the guest.
  • Humor can be utilized during this speech
  • Consider your audience and the occasion for which they are there.
  • Be specific enough to get the interest of and inspire the audience
  • Be sure to include many examples and illustrations to which the audience can easily relate
ceremonial speeches
Ceremonial Speeches



  • First praise the graduating class with specific achievements when possible
  • Turn graduates’ attention to their futures, offering new bright goals and inspiration to reach out for those goals
  • Congratulate the parents
  • Offer advice to the graduates
  • Present facts about the event commemorated or the people receiving the tribute
  • Build on the facts to increase the depth of commemoration and the tribute offered
  • If felt appropriate, challenge the audience to respond even more strongly to the future of the event commemorated, and encourage self and others to qualify similar tribute
  • Offer a sincere statement of grief at the passing of a loved one
  • List and linger over the unique achievements of the person eulogized
  • Include personal, maybe even humorous, recollections of the departed
  • Finally, turn to the living, encourage them to transcend loss and give thanks that the eulogized lived among them, even if only briefly.
  • Remind them that the deceased will live on in memory