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Efficient, Agile, Global

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Efficient, Agile, Global. Pre-View of 2006 Release Highlights. Easiest-to-Use 2D design tool. 2D handles paradigm Key points or “handles” on geometry and dimensions support broadest range of drag and drop design paradigms

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Efficient, Agile, Global

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efficient agile global

Efficient, Agile, Global

Pre-View of 2006 Release Highlights

easiest to use 2d design tool
Easiest-to-Use 2D design tool
  • 2D handles paradigm

Key points or “handles” on geometry and dimensions support broadest range of drag and drop design paradigms

  • On-The-Fly intuitive 2D positioning Simply and intelligently position 2D parts, dimensions, text and symbols in relation to existing drawing elements
  • Intelligent attachment and alignment Hover over existing 2D components and re-use their position to position and align other geometry
  • 2D drag and drop drafting Directly modify existing drawing geometry in its context by simply picking, dragging and dropping
  • 2D drag and drop dimensioning Directly modify existing dimensioning in its context by simply picking, dragging and dropping
  • In-context intelligent dimensioning Modify existing dimensions in the context of surrounding dimensions

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  • Intuitive 2D design paradigms
  • Support teamwork
  • Effective and rapid to deploy
connect inter company teams
Connect inter-company teams
  • Centralize, manage and leverage 2D information across the organization
    • Asynchronous notifications and triggers from change events
  • New 2D Access / Drawing Manager solution
    • Low cost standalone drawing management and viewing accessible across product development
    • Web installed Drawing Manager client
    • Install 2D-Access from software distribution server
    • BOM scanning and reporting w/o need of CAD client
  • Leverage 2D designs to external teams (suppliers, etc)
    • PDF generation with Watermarks
  • mySAP PLM integration for OSD Drafting
  • Intuitive 2D design paradigms
  • Support teamwork
  • Effective and rapid to deploy
use the db technology consistent with your corporate infrastructure
Use the DB technology consistent with your Corporate infrastructure
  • In addition to Oracle, Drawing and Model Manager now support SQL Server 2005
    • Choose between the industry leaders in DB technology, Oracle and MS SQL Server
    • Utilize your existing DB infrastructure, support processes and DBA skills
    • Free MS SQL Express edition enables lowest cost entry and a use-model explicitly targeted at the smaller company
    • With MS SQL Server the DB content is Unicode, providing flexible multi-language support
  • The result, rapidly deployed and effective 2D process management

Start Comparing SQL Server 2005 and Oracle

  • Intuitive 2D design paradigms
  • Support teamwork
  • Effective and rapid to deploy
superior predictable dynamic modeling paradigms extended
Superior Predictable Dynamic Modeling Paradigms Extended
  • Feature recognition
    • Unified handling of bosses, pockets, ribs and slot
  • Align and taper
    • Auto-recognize face orientation
    • Define offset for fast modification
    • Unified taper with Advanced Taper
    • Automatically split faces
  • Modifications
    • Real-life focus: blending, tapering and boolean operations with complex shapes
    • Move of bosses or ring-type features on crossing complex shapes
    • Modify blends in thin shelled parts
    • Offset and taper of thin shelled parts
    • Cut & paste
advanced product design paradigms
Advanced Product Design Paradigms
  • New capabilities for consumer good design results in high quality ergonomic design: curvature continuity of face joints guarantees smooth transition
  • Drive G2 transitions created by
    • Blend and face round
    • Guided loft
    • Bridge
    • Skin
    • Surface extensions
  • Visually pleasing – no more patchwork; impression of single homogeneous surface
  • Improved manufacturability maintaining constant angle during guided loft
manage complexity with model manager
Manage Complexity with Model Manager
  • Boost Designer’s productivity
    • Reduced memory footprint and faster saves and loads, especially with large assemblies
    • Configurable quick loads (w/o UI interaction)
    • Automatically save 3D when saving 2D in annotation
  • Team design reconciliation
    • Leverage / share models
      • Convert multiple existing models into new models w/o copying (assign new SysID)
    • Re-integrate / merge team design changes
      • Compare local data with global data
      • Smart update
        • Re-integrating changes only
        • Loading of different versions of same part (i.e. process stages)
  • Integrate external partner data
    • Detect conflicts with existing models in Model Manager when re-importing data from partners
leverage 2d drafting experience
Leverage 2D Drafting experience
  • Annotation leverages latest Drafting paradigms and adds more
    • Drawing wizard - quickly and intuitively define the drawing layout
    • Create and modify drawings with WYSWYG feedback
    • Drive changes to drawing through drag and drop “handles”
    • On-the-fly dimension, text and symbol settings
    • Easily positioning objects with 2D co-pilot and automatic attachment lines (incl. multiple components)
    • Easily define and modify symbols
    • New template browser
      • Fast access to datum, tolerance, surface symbols, etc.
      • Easily defining and registering user-defined symbols, text or sketches
      • Easily navigating through user definable categories
  • Annotate drawings 2x faster!

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interactive large dmu handling
Interactive Large DMU Handling
  • Large assembly loading and handling Work with up to 128 gigabytes of RAM and 16 terabytes of virtual memory on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  • Lightweight Model – fast loading and interaction with large assemblies as graphics only, with selective full model loading. In combination with Model Manager
    • Graphics-only loading up to 2 times faster than traditional approach
    • Better utilize available RAM - loading graphics-only requires half the memory of the traditional model
    • Suppress model geometry of non-essential parts and assemblies by loading graphics only representation
    • Selectively load geometry for parts and assemblies by identifying the corresponding graphic representation
    • Fully supports snapshot paradigm
interactive dmu driven design
Interactive DMU Driven Design
  • Intelligent and fast large assembly browsing
    • Easily navigate through large assemblies with new adjustable browser views
    • Rapidly access parts using pre-defined and user definable filters and searches
    • Group & suppress shared parts, animations, configurations etc.
    • Sort browser columns for fast search and navigation
  • 3D Configurations – instantly define and use 3D configurations like exploded 3D representations, 3D assembly stages, in-transport configurations etc.
    • Define alternative positions of parts and assemblies, including draw list and camera settings
    • Create and modify parts and assemblies in any configuration
    • Capture any position state of a simulation or animation as a configuration
    • Access different working states directly from structure browser
    • Convert existing formations to configurations
    • Create exploded views with new semi automatic explode

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dmu driven simulation
DMU Driven Simulation
  • 3D Clash Analysis – define assembly clash analysis, track individual issues, re-apply other 3D configurations and track their resolution across the team
    • Store definition and results with the model
    • Recalculate predefined clash analysis any time
    • Visualize and represent in clash issue browser
    • Navigate issues, fast access to the issue
    • Filter, predefined searches and sorting supports handling of large assemblies
    • Track resolution through clash browser
    • Capture status changes in the browser or solved by model change
    • Different working stages (configurations) can be calculated in one clash analysis
  • Physical Simulation & Motion extensions - further simulate moving components to identify issues and resolve them during design
    • Define and simulate 3D screw mechanisms
    • Dynamic check of assemblies for clash during movement simulations and animations
    • Record and trace 3D trajectory paths and part states

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leverage existing in house knowledge and tools
Leverage existing in-house knowledge and tools
  • Integrate 3rd party applications into OneSpace Designer Modeling through state-of-the-art integration framework
  • Designed to be compatible with a variety of 3rd party application scenarios
    • COM and .NET clients
  • Supports
    • Model inquiries - complete navigation of part / assembly structure with full access to model topology, geometry and unique IDs
    • User defined attributes - consistently accessible in Designer and in integrated applications
    • LISP / COM bridge - supports hybrid integration with the new API and existing Integration Kit. Ideal solution for application with model inquiry as well as UI integration requirements
  • Engagement with leading application vendors

Ansys developed DesignSpace integration

real time design reviews across distributed teams
Real-time design reviews across distributed teams
  • High performance application sharing for engineering applications
    • Desktop and selective application sharing
    • Fast video streaming technology
    • Relay and tunnel server, flow control
    • Support for low-end graphics cards
  • Deployment improvements
    • Drastically reduced download size with Java 1.5
    • Deployment and connectivity checks with repair options
  • Usability improvements
    • Simplified instant messaging and meeting discussion tools
    • Simplified user interface
  • OneSpace Live for
  • Real time design reviews, with
  • Concurrent view, mark-up, meeting notes, task assignment, and
  • Secure inter-company file sharing via simple drag & drop
cross company information routing
Cross-company information routing
  • Stay Lean and Flexible
  • Remote design reviews
  • Cross-company info routing
  • Multi-company design
  • Rich-package transaction
    • Large file up / download manager
    • Secure data publish mechanism
  • “Pull” data access in a Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA)
    • RealLinks extensions
      • Queries
      • Credential mapping for secure access
  • Smart information routing
    • Context sensitive rules and notification
coordinate extended teams in multi company product development
Coordinate extended teams in multi-company product development
  • User interface evolution and usability improvements
    • Import members from Outlook
  • Increased value through major feature additions
    • Full text search
  • Process discipline and decision accountability – envelopes
    • Task roll-up, templates, rules, envelope searches, export to Excel
  • Visibility over extended team – project dashboard
efficient agile global1

Efficient, Agile, Global

Pre-View of 2006 Release Highlights