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Microsoft excel Choice Board

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Objective: Competency No. 4) The student will develo p basic skills associated with using Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheet Software. (Mississippi Business Technology Curriculum Framework 2004). Microsoft excel Choice Board. Desiree Sartin -Williams MHS Information Processing.

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microsoft excel choice board

Objective: Competency No. 4) The student will develop basic skills associated with using Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheet Software.

(Mississippi Business Technology Curriculum Framework 2004)

Microsoft excel Choice Board

Desiree Sartin-Williams


Information Processing

microsoft excel terms musical rhytmic
Microsoft Excel Terms (Musical/Rhytmic)
  • Active Cell – This is the cell in a spreadsheet where information will be placed. It is the cell that has been selected.
  • AutoSum – Function that automatically adds selected cells.
  • Cell – This is the place where information is held in a spreadsheet.
  • Cell Address – Use this to know the exact location of a specific cell. Noting the intersection of the column and row forms it. The last cell address on a worksheet is IV65,536.
  • Column – In a spreadsheet, these are the vertical spaces. Columns are headed with letters. There are a total of 256 columns on one worksheet. The last column is IV.
  • Dollar Symbol – Function that changed the contents of a cell to currency. Adds a dollar sign and decimal places
  • Equation – A mathematical equation typed into a cell.
  • Entry/Formula Bar – The toolbar on the Microsoft Excel window that shows the text or equations assigned to cell
  • Merge and Center – Function allowing the user to select a number of cells to create one large cell with the information centered within the large cell.
  • Microsoft Excel – A spreadsheet application tool that analyzes data in a table format using formulas.
  • Name box – Displays the cell reference, which is the location of the active cell in the worksheet. It is located on the left side of the formula bar.
  • Percent – Function that allows the user to change the value of a cell to a percent.
  • Row – In a spreadsheet, the row is the horizontal group of cells. Rows are named with numbers, i.e.1, 2, 3. There are a total of 65,536 rows on a worksheet.
  • Sheet tabs – Labels located at the bottom of the workbook window indicating the worksheets.
  • Spreadsheet – A document that is used to crunch numbers and formulas.
  • Sort – In a database, this function puts the records into a specific order.
  • Workbook – An Excel document which contains three worksheets by default but can have more than three.
  •  Worksheet – A single sheet contained in an Excel workbook
labeling the parts of a microsoft excel spreadsheet visual spatial
Labeling the parts of a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet(Visual/Spatial)
generating a sales invoice for a computer purchase logical mathematical
Generating a Sales Invoice for a Computer Purchase(Logical Mathematical)
  • Using Microsoft Excel create a Sales Invoice for the purchase of a Computer System. Include a monitor, CPU, mouse, keyboard, speakers, microphone, & headphones.
  • The customer is purchasing a new computer; your task will be to find the best prices for the customer. The customer has a budget of $800.00. Replace text in the document with your fake company name and information. Don’t leave any template text on the spreadsheet.
  • You will use to price the items and get pictures to Paste into PowerPoint. Use the exact name of the item.
  • In Microsoft Excel: Go to…File>New>Templates>On my computer>Spreadsheet solutions tab>Sales Invoice or search for “Sales Invoice with Tax”
college expenses
College Expenses
  • Construct a model or representation of college expenses using the Insert chart option in Microsoft Excel.
  • Chart the expenses using Microsoft Excel; with information found from the Internet about a specific college that you would like to attend.

Educational expenses

  • Tuition.
  • Books.
  • Computer.
  • Program Fees.
  • Supplies.

Living expenses

  • Housing.
  • Food.
  • Laundry.
  • Phone.
  • Internet.
  • Medical/dental expenses.

Other expenses

  • Entertainment.
  • Parking/transportation.
  • Clothing.
  • Source:
ten mississippi high schools naturalist
Ten Mississippi High Schools(Naturalist)
  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Save the blank document as “YourLastName Excel Projects”
  • Create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel called “Ten Mississippi High Schools;” right click and name the sheet tab “Schools”.
  • Include the following columns: School, Website, Principal, & Superintendent. Create any other columns that you would like.
  • Get information off of the Internet for ten schools.
my favorite movie interpersonal
My Favorite Movie(Interpersonal)
  • Survey or interview ten of your classmates about their favorite movies.
  • Create a table in Microsoft Excel that showcases the person, their favorite movies, and the year the movie came out.
  • Chart the information using the Insert chart option in Microsoft Excel. Change the background of the chart section to a picture of the movie
my birthday party intrapersonal
My Birthday Party! (Intrapersonal)
  • Think about and plan your upcoming Birthday party! Use the Party Planner Template in Microsoft Excel. You have a budget of $500.00!
  • Plan the guest, music, decorations, food and drinks, other supplies, incidentals, schedule, and activities at the party.
  • Go to File >New>Templates>Planners>Party Planner