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UBS Motorsport Day Post-event Report 17-FEB-2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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UBS Motorsport Day Post-event Report 17-FEB-2005

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UBS Motorsport Day Post-event Report 17-FEB-2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UBS Motorsport Day Post-event Report 17-FEB-2005. Project General Review. The Event The event was created and developed to deliver an exciting ‘inside’ experience at the Shanghai International Circuit proving guests with a ‘money can’t buy’ driving experience.

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Presentation Transcript

UBS Motorsport Day

Post-event Report


project general review
Project General Review
  • The Event

The event was created and developed to deliver an exciting ‘inside’ experience at the Shanghai International Circuit proving guests with a ‘money can’t buy’ driving experience.

- A strong and clear event management concept.

- A group of interested attendees.

- A professional and confident event management team.

- A professional driving team.

  • Event Concept

- A safe, enjoyable and practical driving day at the track.

- An enjoyable tour of the circuit.

- A fun motorsport day with a team.

event development and delivery
Event Development and Delivery
  • Driving team and venue supplier management

- Resourced and briefed FRD about the driving process management.

- Identified on track opportunities and the ‘driving experience’

- Developed the experience of race car driving at the event.

- Managed the business relationship with SIC to gain additional support to

the event.

event development and delivery1
Event Development and Delivery
  • Onsite Decoration

- Developed consolidated image on one hundred knife flags, fifty

cloth painting banners and several big backdrops.

- The production items were in line with the event management concept

UBS logo and corporate color were studied and applied precisely to meet

the client’s expectations.

- The fun and pleasant atmosphere was enhanced by the decoration and

other elements based on the concept.

event development and delivery2
Event Development and Delivery
  • Uniforms

- 200 jackets with UBS logo were made for guests for additional discreet

branding the event and to guard against unpleasant weather.

- Grid Girls wore Frontiers designed uniforms to add to the event atmosphere.

event development and delivery3
Event Development and Delivery
  • Catering

- A catering service for 180 people was prepared.

- Due to the reduction on numbers of attendees, the over-supplied food and

beverage were donated to a local charity under the name of UBS AG,

Hong Kong Branch.

event implementation
Event Implementation
  • Driving Process

- Driving Laps on the track

-A minimum of three laps for each guest on the track.

-The top three performers enjoyed a high-speed passenger ride as proposed. -Special guests were offered extra laps according to UBS’s requests.

- Autocross Competition

-Three to five laps. Guests were encouraged to have fun while competing

- Accident Avoidance

-Three to five laps according to timing and guests’ interests.

-More practicing time was available for guests.

the event implementation
The event implementation
  • The event package delivery

- 23 VW Polo cars were used for the event

- A professional team of 37 FRD Staff came to operate the event.

- Sufficient helmet and balaclavas were provided for the guests.

- Cars were maintained, repaired and strictly tested by professional mechanic examiner to ensure the safety.

- FRD Driving Completion Certificate was given to every guest.

- Nine bottles of Champagne were provided as the prizes for winners.

- Helmet and racing uniform were displayed at the conference to promote the driving event internally. Grid girls took promotion role during a conference day.

- Back up items prepared before the event day accordingly.

the event implementation1
The event implementation
  • Photograph

- Frontiers Group employed three professional photographers

to take about one thousand photos which covered

different event sessions, on track signage and guests.

- FRD had photographers to take group and individual

photos of the guests.

- Frontiers Group selected and profiled the photos to

make one hundred CDs for guests as a momento of the


frontiers group s role
Frontiers Group’s Role
  • Frontiers Group is specialized and experienced in sponsorship and hospitality management.
  • Using our on ground experience we were able to work with UBS to design the right program to entertain guests at the track.
  • The management team resourced and managed the qualified suppliers.
  • Frontiers made it a priority to understand UBS logo and corporate image and to maintain the expected high standards.
  • Frontiers ensured we fully understood UBS’s business objectives so that we could assist on the day with managing guests’ expectation.
  • Managing and developing the partnership involved in the event.
frontiers group achievements
Frontiers Group Achievements
  • Partnership Management

- FRD and SIC were motivated to learn the event and client business needs for

positive outcome

- The event process and detailed arrangement by Frontiers Group

managed the internal and external business expectation

- Due to the business relationship developed between Frontiers and FRD and

SIC, the insurance and car damage requirements and responsibility were

shared by all parties to limit the client risk.

frontiers group achievements1
Key Learning

- Frontiers Group and all suppliers for the event learned about

UBS brand production requirements.

- Event management staff of Frontiers Group invested in the detail

of the event so as to deliver quality results in production and

customer service management.

Delivery Standard Management

- Frontiers Group achieved consistent high standard of items under

same theme.

- Frontier Group understood the UBS brand image and corporate

culture positively through studying the business needs.

Frontiers Group Achievements

Frontiers Group Achievements

  • Budget control
  • - The management team of Frontiers Group retained experienced and
  • quality suppliers to provide products and service for the event.
  • - Budget control became important part of event management when the
  • higher delivery standard and additional items and support were needed.
  • - The planned package and several over-deliveries were accomplished by
  • balancing the budgets for different items and controlling the expenses
  • strictly.

Improvement and opportunities

  • Production
  • - The design ability of our production partner was not to our expectations and while their output standard was high, we believe this area needs improvement.
  • - The transportation and temporary-hired on ground support team
  • need to be trained to improve their service delivery.
  • Work schedule
  • - An agreed schedule to limit and shape the confirmation and
  • preparation time would help to follow up and push forward the project
  • management technically.

Improvement and opportunities

  • Guest MC’s on bus
  • - Frontiers recognise there was some initial confusion in the management of the first bus out to the track. This was rectified for subsequent tours, but in future a great deal more ‘hands-on’ direction should be given to UBS’s invited guests at the start of the day.
  • Bus suppliers
  • - Unusually, Frontiers encountered a negative attitude with a bus supplier, which caused some concern while en route. This supplier has been black-banned and will never be used for our events.

We are looking forward to working together with you in the future.

We appreciate your feedback to assist with our continuous improvement.