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Turbo with Automatic Zoning (GridPro). S mall B usiness I nnovation R esearch. Program Development Company White Plains, NY. INNOVATION.

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Turbo with Automatic Zoning (GridPro)





Program Development Company

White Plains, NY


A multiblock grid generation program that is automatic once the pattern of grid blocks is given. The user supplies the pattern without a great need for precision

  • Developed multiblock grid generation software system. The resulting grid is optimized to be smooth and orthogonal throughout the volumetric region and to be clustered about the locations of concave and convex boundary curvature
  • Integrated the grid software with the NASA CFD codes GlennHT and WIND
  • Provided the critical link for high fidelity CFD analysis to be applied to realistic configurations for industry and government applications
  • The software is called GridPro and is being used by many industrial companies in the world. These include Solar Turbines, Concepts-Northern, General Dynamics, Parker Hannifan, Grundfos, Ford Motor, Dow Chemical, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, European Space Agency, etc.
  • Further commercialization can be obtained from website,

Grid for Two-Stage to Orbit Vehicle

  • GridPro has been purchased for use by NASA Glenn Research Center and Ames Research Center
  • For at least five years, Glenn Research Center has paid the company $20K per year for a total of $100K for upgrade and maintenance of this software
  • Academic customers include Penn State, Rutgers, Rice, Illinois, Stanford, Ohio State Supercomputer Center, Utah State, Cambridge, Stuttgart, Delft, Aachen, Greenwich, etc.

Glenn Research Center

Turbomachinery/Propulsion Systems


1989 Phase II, NAS3-26311, 8/00

NASA Contact – Ray Gaugler

Company Contact – Peter R. Eiseman