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Practice Teaching. Orientation To Your First Year In Concurrent Education. Criminal Reference Check. DON’T: Apply to your local police station. We will NOT accept your criminal check in this format.

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Practice teaching

Practice Teaching

Orientation To Your First Year In Concurrent Education

Criminal reference check
Criminal Reference Check

  • DON’T: Apply to your local police station. We will NOT accept your criminal check in this format.

  • DO: Apply to OESC in Toronto to obtain your Criminal Reference Card. Take care of this NOW. Do not wait or you jeopardize your placement.

  • DO: Apply to OESC for a new card every year. Forms are provided in the Spring in Observation and Practice Teaching class.

Why oesc

  • OESC, The Ontario Education Services Corporation, is utilized by all Ontario Universities who run education programs (Consecutive, Concurrent, Orientation to Teaching).

  • It was agreed by all Deans of Education Faculties that this format would be universally utilized.

Your placement

  • DO: provide Sandra Minor with the board choice form and provide THREE board choices.

  • DON’T: contact teachers or school boards on your own.

  • DO: wait to receive your placement through email and/or Section rep.

  • DON’T: inquire about placement at Practice Teaching Office. You will know when we know.

Your placement con t

  • DO: contact your AT when you receive your placement information.

  • DON’T: arrive late to placement or be unprepared.

  • DO: show enthusiasm, interest and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your AT, principal, other staff that is related to your teaching education.

While on placement

  • DO: contact Sandra Minor as well as your Associate Teacher if you are sick and will miss a day. If you miss two or more days, these days will have to be made up. If you miss three days due to illness, a doctor’s note is required.

    DON’T: just not show up with no explanation.

Placement concerns

  • DO: contact Sandra Minor right away if you are experiencing difficulty or have questions regarding your placement. If your AT did NOT receive their package prior to placement, please notify me IMMEDIATELY!

  • DON’T: feel you must deal with any problems which may arise, on your own.

Answers to possible questions
Answers to Possible Questions

  • High School Placements for JI students?

  • Possible to be at same school or have same AT for more than one placement.

  • What happens if a student does not have a criminal check through OESC?

  • Who do you represent when at placement?

Getting help