by kate may june 2010 4 th grade n.
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My Family and Friend Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
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My Family and Friend Poetry

My Family and Friend Poetry

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My Family and Friend Poetry

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  1. By Kate May-June 2010 4th Grade My Family and Friend Poetry

  2. Dedication Hammy, Peter(dad), Jill(mom), Me, Emily(Girl dog), Shorty(boy dog) Aunt Thunder, Auntie Wee wee, Aunt Jean, Alligator Grammy, Aunt Babe. Uncle Jim, Uncle Copper, Papa, Uncle Ben, Pas, Uncle Bob Sammy, Chelsea, Morgan, Courtney, Ashley. Clancy, Crush, Hammerhead, Milly.

  3. My Mom Jill Poetry Joy to be around Inelegant to others Loves to be around family and Loves to be around kids that she teaches. Jill Nice, Caring, Active, Strong Mother Movies, Candy, Family Loved, Helped, Safe Water, Food, Love War, House Fires, Vampires Loves to be around family. London Franklin Bridges

  4. My Awesome Daddy Poetry Peter Nice, Strong, Active, Patient Father Movies, Candy, Family Safe, Helped, Loved Loved, Water, Food Fires, House Fires, Volcanoes Loves his family England Franklin Bridges

  5. My Intelligent Brother Hammy Hamilton Nice, Lazy, Active, Careful Brother Popcorn, Transformers, Candy Loved, Helped, Safe Love, Water, Food, T.V. Girls, Ghosts, Vampires Loves to be with the family Germany Franklin Bridges

  6. My Uncle Ben Adorable when surfing and Blessed to be in our family Caring and Doges are every where. Eats smoothies and Fries meat on the grill. Grows grass in the back yard and lives on a Hill like mountain. Incredible personality. Joy is spread when you are around him. Kind and Loves anyone he meets.

  7. Color poetry Orange is like the color of JINNGLEING KYES Yellow is like the color of rincoly chesses Blue is like part of the sky. White is the clouds up high. Gray is like the color of a storm. Red is like the color of flames that are warm.

  8. Trees Verse What do you call my cousin Morgan when he wants more? More Morgan

  9. Terse Verse What do you call a purple moon? Maroon Moon

  10. Cinquin Millie Milly Caring, Nipper Swim, Runner, Sleeps Loves to Chase Birds Friend

  11. Sammy Haiku My Cousin Sammy She sometimes is a booger She sometimes buzzes.

  12. Uncle Ben In 2001 I meet my Uncle Ben. Ben is a pretty good man with his friend Dan. He Has a cool farm with one hen. When he does something weird he hits him self in the head with a pan.

  13. Papa Five W’s Papa Builds Boats In his garage, Florida February 12th 2010 Loves to go boat riding.

  14. Baby Fish There once was a baby fish. Who would like to make a wish. She once had a little doo doo He usually eats some Coo Koo And he is a funny fish, but he loves his bush.

  15. About the Author Kate Loveable, Creative, Helpful, Active Sister/Student Popcorn, Candy, Animals Water, Food, Friends War, Sunburn, Goast Loves to be around family France Franklin Bridges