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Family and Friends Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
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Family and Friends Poetry

Family and Friends Poetry

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Family and Friends Poetry

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  1. Family and Friends Poetry by Bianca May ju

  2. Dedication Covington friends • To my family and my friends Old school friends Church friends pivin pillvin Mom Dad Krete Gutierrez

  3. Cinquain Bianca Rolercosters Shoping a lot Rille grate friends spactacyoler Pilvins Montindew 8 the grate Tenagers musicl

  4. The Five W’s Poetry WHO: Megan WHO:Sophie WHAT: being nice WHAT:Being cool WHERE:in school WHERE:every were WHEN:8am to 12 pm WHEN:all the time WHY:I don’t know WHY:that’s just the way she is. WHO:Zara WHAT:doing home wrok WHERE:in her room WHY:to get good grads

  5. Terse Verse What do you call a dog that is wet? A sogge dogge What do call a cat that is mad? Crabe kitte

  6. Limerick There once was a gail waking her pug In her varey cool looking uggs Her dog was as slow as a slug That’s probubley why she got muged Whan she got home no uggs no pug ,just a bug in her mug.

  7. bella My best friend name BELLA She does not reille use a unbralla She is‘nt dim And she is really slim She hates sinderalla And that is my best friend BELLA

  8. Color Potey Red like the chares on my sunday Orger like the monarke that are coming bake Yellow as the sun flowers in the garedin Green like the timber in the woods Blue as the robins eggs Perpole like the flowers in the pot Indego as the oshin on a siuney day Vialit like the buter fluys that fluter in the yard Tercose like the river teming with fish Wite as the apple blosome on the tree.

  9. Name Poetry I thik she is all ways there fro me F riend to me S he is the best sis ever R ite were he belogs A ll ways in still I trastingley good at stuff B est shoper in town .She can be O ptmstik E llagint some times . I thik she is varey L ike abolle.i thik that she L ooks good.and she is A ll ways cool!!!!!

  10. Haiku Smart and fun and cool Shoper xsrodnar I beleve in her all ways Best friend ever ont ever all ways there Best friend ever ont ever

  11. Couplet Poetry

  12. Bio Poetry Dom Smart dajorus histarcl hard working Bother Vitogames rolercostrs Carel Powerful wise buff Cerel money gum Sharp nals food he never tastid imbarsing him salf Gives to chartey Grand canyin Gutierrez residins Gutierrez