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Constellations. By Jill Peer. What are Constellations?. A group of stars in the sky Named after an object, animal or mythological being that supposedly resembles or might suggest. Currently 88 constellations in the sky

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By Jill Peer

What are constellations
What are Constellations?

  • A group of stars in the sky

  • Named after an object, animal or mythological being that supposedly resembles or might suggest.

  • Currently 88 constellations in the sky

  • Your location determines which are available

What do constellations tell us
What do Constellations tell us?

  • Stories/Myths

  • Compass

  • Time

  • Season

  • Entertainment

Big dipper big bear
Big Dipper/Big Bear

Through Greek Myhtology, Zeus, king of all the gods in the heavens, was walking through a wooded area on Earth. He comes across a beautiful huntress named Callisto. Hera, Zeus’s wife, becomes jealous and turns Callisto into a bear.

One day Callisto comes across a handsome hunter who she recognizes as her son Arcas. She jumps onto her hind legs to embrace him, but he thinks the bear is going to attack so he takes out his spear.

Zeus sees this and quickly turns Arcas into a little bear. He then picks them both up by the tail and throws them into the sky where they will be together forever.

Little dipper little bear

Little Dipper/Little Bear



Cassiopeia was beautiful, arrogant and vain. She boasted that her daughter and her beauty was more beautiful than the sea-nymphs.

When hearing this Poseidon released Cetus, the sea monster, on Ethiopia to teach Cassiopeia a lesson. Luckily Perseus arrives in time to save the Princess.

Poseidon wanting Cassiopeia punished placed her in the heavens in such a position that for half the time she will be upside down on her throne.

Draco the dragon

Draco the Dragon

There are several myths about this constellation.

In Greek, he represents Ladon, the dragon who guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides. It was the eleventh of the Twelve Labours of Hercules. He puts Ladon to sleep with music then steals the golden apples. Hera places Draco into the sky afterwards.

Also used in the story of the Golden Fleece.

Now it s your turn

Now it’s Your Turn!

  • Find a partner

  • One partner come up and gather materials;

    • Pencil

    • Paper

    • 1 piece Black construction paper

    • 1 piece of chalk

    • 8 star stickers

  • Take turns dropping stickers onto black construction paper

  • Use chalk to connect stars

  • Title your constellation

  • Create a short story explaining your constellation’s creation

When finished, look through a few of the constellation books on front table