Pbis coaches network pbis sccoe org december 5 2013
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PBIS Coaches Network pbis.sccoe.org December 5, 2013. PBIS Coaches Network. OUR NORMS Confidentiality * Active participation * Professional use of technology * Assume best intentions Meeting Agenda Welcome Introductions Grounding Activity PBIS District Coaches and Technical Assistance

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Pbis coaches network pbis sccoe org december 5 2013

PBIS Coaches Networkpbis.sccoe.orgDecember 5, 2013

Pbis coaches network
PBIS Coaches Network


Confidentiality * Active participation * Professional use of technology * Assume best intentions

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome

    • Introductions

  • Grounding Activity

    • PBIS District Coaches and Technical Assistance

      • What do we do?

  • Coaching PD

    • Coaches Self-Assessment

    • Coaches Month to Month – “Year at a glance”

    • PBIS Assessments

  • Voices from the Field

    • Northern California PBIS Symposium

Introduction pat on the back
Introduction Pat on the back

  • Write a positive event or something you did over the past week, month, or year that you are proud of.

  • Tape the hand print on your back.

  • Find a person you don’t know and introduce yourself to them.

  • Read what they wrote on their hand print and say something positive about what they wrote and give them a pat on the back.

  • Repeat this with others.

Purpose of pbis coaches network
Purpose of PBIS Coaches Network

This network works to continue building local capacity within districts for successful PBIS implementation. We will collaborate on strategies and solutions to on-going implementation needs, and share resources and the latest PBIS tools.

Some topics:

  • Coaching and facilitation

  • Monitoring the district action plan

  • Providing on-going PBIS professional development

  • Calibration of evaluation and assessment tools

Pbis district coaches and technical assistance
PBIS District Coachesand Technical Assistance

  • Coaching can & should happen on many levels

  • Important things to Remember

  • PBIS Coaching Roles

  • Keeping Teams on Track Build in Accountability

  • Most Important Times for Planning and Support

  • End of the Year Meetings

Networking time
Networking time….

  • Join a group of coaches from a different district….4 per table

  • Choose a Facilitator/Recorder

  • Discuss the topic and information provided at your table. Is this new information for you as a coach or is this what you are currently doing? What are your experiences?

  • Describe to the whole group about the topic/information. Share out experiences of the group.

Coaches month to month year at a glance
Coaches Month to Month “Year at a Glance”

Networking time1
Networking time….

  • Join a different group of Coaches….4-5 per table

  • Choose a Facilitator/Recorder

  • Share/discuss

    • Have you used the “year at a glance” to help guide you as a PBIS Coach?

    • Are your PBIS teams where should they be?

    • How have you supported your teams move forward?

    • What do you need to support your PBIS teams with?

Pbis assessments www pbisapps org
PBIS Assessmentswww.pbisapps.org

  • Measuring fidelity of implemented school-wide behavior support systems.

  • Guides Annual Action Planning/Goals for PBIS Teams

  • PBIS Assessment Overview

    • https://www.pbisapps.org/Resources/Pages/PBIS-Assessment-Overview.aspx

  • PBIS Assessment Coordinator

    • Username and Password

Pbis assessments
PBIS Assessments

  • Tier 1

    • Team Implementation Checklist (4x/yr)

    • School-wide Evaluation Tool (2x/yr)

    • Self-Assessment Survey (1x/yr)

    • Benchmarks of Quality (1x/yr - After 3rd year of implementation)

  • Tier 2/3

    • Benchmarks for Advanced Tools (BAT)

    • Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tools (MATT)

    • Individual Students Systems Evaluation Tool (ISSET)

Boq and set overview
BOQ and SET Overview

  • SET Overview with Linda

    • Coaches in Year 1 implementation or have not conducted SET

  • Benchmarks of Quality Overview with Rebecca

    • Coaches in Year 2/3 implementation

Networking time2
Networking time….

  • Work with your district team or table group

    • Review the Schedule of Fidelity Measurement from the PBIS Evaluation Blue Print

    • Discuss and complete your District Schedule of Fidelity Measurement

  • Share out with whole group what assessments your district will be using to measure PBIS fidelity and when your district will be conducting these assessments

Voices from the field
Voices from the field….

  • Find a new group of 4 Coaches

  • Discuss and share

    • Did you attend the PBIS Symposium?

    • Share 3 things

      • I liked…

      • I brought back to my district….

      • I would change….

  • Share out with whole group….

Northern California PBIS Technical Assistance CenterRebecca Mendiola, Ed.D., PBIS Coordinator [email protected] Castillo-Sumi, Ph.D., Consultant/[email protected] Harrower, Ph.D., Consultant/[email protected] Sun, Pro Expert/TrainerMyrna Zendejas, CSH [email protected] Salcido, Admin Asst