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How Pilates Classes Can Help Keep You Young – And Much More PowerPoint Presentation
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How Pilates Classes Can Help Keep You Young – And Much More

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How Pilates Classes Can Help Keep You Young – And Much More
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How Pilates Classes Can Help Keep You Young – And Much More

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  1. How Pilates Classes Can Help Keep You Young – And Much More Pilates classes in West London, and indeed all over the world, are still growing in popularity. But although you may have only recently heard about it, Pilates is far from a new fad. The story behind the exercise and movement discipline Pilates is a rather interesting one. It was 'invented' by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a young man from Germany who was born in 1883. As a child Joseph was a sickly little boy, suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever, and by the time he was in his early teens doctors had written him off as an invalid who would probably not last into his twenties. From Weakling to World Beater A determined lad though he set about trying to solve his physical problems himself. He studied body-building, yoga, qigong (a form of martial arts) and gymnastics and put various aspects of each together to create his own 'strengthening routines'. By the time he was 19 and moved to England Pilates had been competing in gymnastics, diving and bodybuilding contests and had modeled for 'anatomical excellence' publications. Once he got to England he got a job coaching new police recruits and he began to put his 'system' named after himself, into practice with excellent results. Eventually, in the Twenties when the average person was really beginning to see the importance of targeted exercise for fitness, Pilates moved to America, married, and opened a studio in Manhattan where he taught the likes of Martha Graham and George Balanchine and soon his 'Pilates' was the talk of the town. Despite the grim fate doctors had predicted for him as a child Pilates died at a robust 83 with his 'system' firmly entrenched as one of the best for all around fitness and especially effective for those rehabilitating from injury. Pilates Classes and You Another claim often made about Pilates, not by the man himself but by Mari Winsor, the woman who bought his studios and carries on his legacy today, is that Pilates helps keep you young. Looking at her in her 70s and still teaching Pilates despite having been diagnosed with ALS is enough to make most people think that may be the case, and consider taking Pilates classes in West London, but there is science to back up the claim as well. Here then are just some of the ways that Pilates help keep you young and make it something that everyone at any fitness level should consider trying out: A Better Range of Motion - Each of the controlled movements in Pilates is designed to promote a full range of motion in the joints while also lubricating them and helping preserve healthy tissue. Holding onto the ability to stand, sit, kneel and bend with ease is one of the keys to longevity as those who remain active as they age naturally remain fitter than those who consign themselves to an armchair. Safe, Full Body Exercise - When they begin taking Pilates classes Fulham some people are surprised by the low number of repetitions of movements called for in comparison with other forms of exercise. This is because Joseph Pilates believed that focusing on getting good

  2. form for every move made was far more beneficial than repeating them quickly over and over again. And he was, in many ways right. The poor body mechanics and even repetitive stress injuries that are often seen in higher impact workouts are avoided and help the body stay stronger longer. Better Breathing - Breathing correctly is at the heart of Pilates. It teaches you to breathe deeply and fully, which increases the oxygen saturation in your body (among other benefits) This in turn leads to an improvement in cognitive ability and energy, things normally depleted by age. It also improves the overall condition of the skin as well, lessening the need for all of those expensive, don't really work anyway anti-wrinkle creams and potions. Better Alignment - We all sabotage our basic body alignment every day, whether we realise it or not. We tend to carry more shopping bags on one side than the other after a grocery shop, we carry a baby of one side far more often than the other and even when it comes to something as small, but as oft repeated, as writing. We only use one hand. A great exercise regimen should compensate for these self-imposed asymmetries but many do not. Pilates does and that helps stave off nagging injuries and the declining motor control that many dismiss as unavoidable with age. Gentle for Any Age - Remember, when Joseph Pilates began devising his exercise regimen he was a weak and sickly boy twisted by rickets, so the movements he devised had to be able to work around this. When both Martha Graham and George Balanchine discovered Pilates it was after being injured onstage and they used it as rehabilitation. Surgeons today prescribe it to those recovering from back, knee and hip surgeries. It's a form of exercise for all fitness levels and all ages, so will help keep you fitter and healthier longer, which in turn will keep you feeling younger. Original Sources: ou-young--and-much-more-P54498